• You too can be  free of Hep C now
    You too can be free of Hep C now

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FixHepC helps patients access the new generic Hepatitis C medications at affordable prices. In most countries, patients have a legal right to import medication for their own use. We guide you through the process so you can quickly, safely and efficiently get these medications delivered to your door, secure in the knowledge you are getting high-quality treatment.

We have been helping patients access treatment since 2014 and, because we are backed by doctors who practice Telehealth, we can also help you access prescriptions and treatment monitoring in the event these are not available from your local physician. If you are looking for information about SIBO please visit FixSIBO.com

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Affordable treatment for Hepatitis C is now available for $1600 via parallel importation of generic SofosbuvirLedipasvir and Daclatasvir. These are the active pharmaceutical ingredients in the new Hepatitis C treatments Sovaldi®, Harvoni® and Daklinza®.

Our goal is to see affordable treatment delivered to every Hepatitis C patient in need all over the world. We have helped patients in Asia, the Americas, Canada and Europe safely access the generic versions of these medications for a fraction of a cost of the originator brands.

If you want to be part of the REDEMPTION eTrials, which are providing worldwide access to these medications, please follow the link or click on the image. To read more about patients taking them please visit our free patient forum.

To put things in perspective: Hepatitis C, hepatitis B, HIV, TB and malaria are the five major causes of infectious disease death worldwide. In a breakthrough that rivals the invention of penicillin, drugs that cure hepatitis C, with minimal side effects and high success rates, have reached the market, but, in what must be one of the greatest tragedies of modern times, these life-saving medications are not being deployed on a mass scale. Every day 2000 patients die because they can not access treatment. These deaths are largely preventable. To read more about this please see The use of generic medications for hepatitis C in Liver International, or visit our Hepatitis C Blog.

A simple solution

Although the asking price in many countries is $1000 a tablet, these medications are available overseas for far less. For example in Egypt, Bangladesh, and India Sofosbuvir is available for under $10 a tablet.

It is entirely legal in many other countries to import a 12 week supply of medication for personal use. This legal framework means you can get access to the medications you need now.

Hepatitis C patients are already treating themselves: Patient self-treatments are already underway and have been reported in The Sydney Morning HeraldNews Ltd and ABC News.

We are helping patients to navigate the process. We have assisted these patients with getting this medication tested with NMR to provide peace of mind about medication integrity. And yes, the medication works as expected and patients are being cured.

The current out of pocket cost of getting a full course of these medications is $1050-$1600 USD depending on which medications are required.

Treatment typically takes 12 weeks, is largely free of side effects and delivers a 95% cure rate.

You will find the FixHepC Buyers Club here.

You will find the REDEMPTION eTrials details here.

Why do patients trust FixHepC?

FixHepC was founded by an Australian Doctor whose desire to assist his patients obtain affordable Hepatitis C medication through self-importation and has grown to include patients all over the World. We have gained a solid reputation around the world as more and more patients are cured and doctors are experiencing success first-hand.

FixHepC has been the featured on TV, in newspapers, and online. Google will find them all but here is a selection:

FixHepC presented at EASL in Barcelona in 2016

The FixHepC Buyers Club Forum is an uncensored place where patient’s exchange their stories and experience and often detail their treatment journey.  With over 2000 patients having made 20,000 posts the word of mouth evidence is indisputable.

The medications are from carefully selected manufacturers and are helping thousands of patients across the world.

Don’t become a statistic. Don’t die waiting, FixHepC is here to help you help yourself to cure.

Why is Hepatitis C so problematic?

Despite discovering sofosobuvir, a wonder drug molecule that cures 90-95% of Hepatitis C patients, WHO still reports that over half a million people die of Hepatitis C every year. 

Prices of original Sofosbuvir pills are staggering

The price tag of Harvoni® in the US is $94,000 for standard 12-week treatment. Gilead Sciences has a monopoly in Hepatitis C treatment area and they set the prices way beyond what most of patients and doctors deem as justifiable. Gilead Sciences is of an opinion that the extremely high price of Harvoni® and it's predecessor Sovaldi® are well justified. Nonetheless, majority of patients who are dying of Hepatitis C cannot afford to buy Harvoni® at such prices and as a result the Hepatitis C virus runs it's course and innocent patients die merely because of the fact they could not get their hands on the life-saving medicine. 

If you look around the developed world, the prices of Harvoni® are little below the US price: in Canada, for example, Harvoni® will cost you $80,000 and in Europe Harvoni® cost is about 50,000€. Here you can check out Harvoni® costs around the world.

Generic Sofosbuvir pills - Great News!

In India, for example, the same Harvoni® that costs $94,500 in the US costs only about $1000. How is this possible? Sound too good to be true?

When sofosbuvir pills were registered in the US, Gilead Sciences, the company which produces them, started to spread it's market to Europe and beyond. However, India didn't acknowledge the innovation concerning the sofosbuvir molecule (because it is a little modified version of other existing antiviral molecules) and didn't grant the originator patent right - which meant that Gilead could not market it as an original medicine and priced it well above what would be considered sensible and humane.

In order not to lose profits in huge markets such as India and China, Gilead Sciences gave licences to Indian pharmaceutical companies to create generic version of Harvoni® and Sovaldi® and market them to Indian population. Gilead would still get their royalties but because the manufacturing process for sofosbuvir pills is not overly expensive, the average price per sofosbuvir pill in India is about $10. In the US it is $1000. And this makes all the difference to Hepatitis C patients in desperate need of sofosbuvir to get well.

Important information for Australian Hep C sufferers

On March 1st 2016, the Hep C medication became available on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS).  The medications available are:

  • sofosbuvir + ledipasvir (Harvoni®)
  • sofosbuvir (Sovaldi®)
  • daclatasvir (Daklinza®)
  • ribavirin (Ibavyr®)

To start your treatment today visit gp2u.com.au/fixhepc


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Why patients trust FixHepC

Expert Doctors

  • Our doctors have been treating patients with generic version of the new direct acting antivirals since they became available back in 2014.

Delivery Guarantee

  • We offer a money back delivery guarantee so if  your medications can not be successfully delivered  your money will be refunded.

High Success Rates

  • Our results have been presented internationally at EASL, AASLD & CROI and match expectations for 90%+ cure rates.

Track Record

  • We have been doing this since 2014 and you can Google us in any language you like – we do exactly what we say.

Social Proof

  • Our patient forum has over 4000 members who have been documenting their treatment in real time over the last 5 years.

Follow Up

  • We help patients every step of the way and in the unlikely event of treatment failure can and do help with retreatment.

FixHepC In The Media

There has been a lot of scientific and mainstream media coverage. Here is a sample (just click the icon)

Delivery Guarantee

If we can't...

  • FixHepC holds your money in trust to facilitate payments related to your personal medication importation.

deliver your order...

  • In the event that successful delivery can not be achieved, patients using the service will receive a full refund.

you get a 100% refund

  • Read the fine print in our delivery guarantee for full details, which as you will see is very brief.

Are You A Fixer?

It seems to us that there are really only 3 types of people in the world...

See no evil

  • Some people simply don't see the problem. If you don't see a problem with unaffordable medicines please read on.

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  • A rare few people not only see the problem, but they also resolve to do something to about it. We call these people fixers.

If you are not one of the rare fixer type personalities, please read on. If you are a fixer, please click here.

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