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Buy Generic Harvoni

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Hepatitis C, Get Tested, Get Treated, Get Cured! Hepatitis C, Get Tested, Get Treated, Get Cured!

When the drug Harvoni was announced back in 2014, it was very welcome news for Hepatitis C sufferers around the world. Finally, a single pill treatment for this notorious disease was available. Taken once daily for just 12 weeks, it cured 95% of patients with minimal side effects. Unfortunately, the excitement lasted only until the new drug's price was announced, $94,000 USD. This meant that patients had to be either super rich or eligible for insurance coverage and unfortunately, 90% of patients were neither. Because of Harvoni's astronomical price tag, many insurance companies refused to cover patients unless they were in a very late disease stage, defined as severe liver fibrosis (i.e. F3 or F4). This left 90% of patients unable to access brand name (originator) Harvoni and having to look for overseas online sellers who supply generic Harvoni. But how can a patient safely access generic Harvoni on the internet that is of the same quality as brand name Harvoni? If you take the following 5 factors into consideration, you will be able to find a trustworthy and affordable online supplier.

1. Watching out for Scammers

We hear a lot about scam websites on the Internet, especially foreign sites in developing countries. So how can you make sure you don't get taken? To avoid scam artists, patients need to do a bit of research to separate honest medication suppliers from scammers. Google is your friend here - it's a great tool for discovering information. You should search Google for the website's name, the name of its founder (if available), and find out about their track record. If you find none or multiple bad reviews, definitely avoid that supplier as it will be quite risky. Here's a quick guide.

Additionally, if media outlets (such as TV networks, newspapers, or reputable websites) publish good or bad information about the website you're researching, this will give you excellent insights about it. It's worth noting that here has been a lot of positive scientific and mainstream media coverage on FixHepC and its founder, Dr. James Freeman, such as in WebMDHealthlineThe Lancet Medical JournalBBC NewsnightMedscapeThe Sydney Morning Herald, and many others. Here is a BBC Newsnight video investigation of one of the early FixHepC patients.

2. Verifying the Quality of the Harvoni Generic

Just like with any other product, there are good and bad quality generic medications. So how to ensure the quality of the Harvoni generic you buy? There are two factors that decide the quality of all generic medications: Bioequivalence and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).


A generic drug is considered bioequivalent to its brand name counterpart if their pharmacological effects are exactly the same. The easiest way to ensure this is when the generic manufacturer is granted a license by the originator company to produce the drug. This license notionally guarantees that both the generic and originator drugs are exactly the same however the Gold Standard is a thing called bioequivalence. This is explained in detail in this post.

At FixHepC we only use licensed medications from manufacturers that have proven bioequivalence.


Good Manufacturing Practice certificates, as the name implies, are issued by the US FDA and EMA (European Medicines Agency) when a drug manufacturer meets all the requirements for highest quality mass production of pharmaceuticals. Needless to say, you should choose manufacturers that were awarded this certificate. GMP is the only thing that guarantees the latest batch of medication meets the same high quality standards as the batch that passed bioequivalence testing.

3. Avoiding Fake Drugs

Unfortunately, fake drugs are a real problem in many developing countries, such as India and Bangladesh, and almost all generic Hepatitis C drugs are sourced from there. So how can you make sure that you’re buying authentic generic Harvoni® (or other Hep C generics like Epclusa®, Sofosbuvir®, and Daclatasvir®) and not fall victim to dishonest or incompetent online suppliers? The answer is that you have to check the Supply Chain Integrity of the online seller, but that is easier said than done. Here is a primer on how to do that:

4. Getting Guaranteed Delivery

Patients in most countries are not sure if they can legally import generic medications from abroad, and are worried that the medications they will pay for may be stopped by border customs and confiscated. In some countries, importing 3 months worth of personal medications is perfectly legal, as long as a doctor’s prescription is attached with the medications. However in some other countries, this is a gray area, and delivery is not guaranteed. It requires expertise by the shipper and learning how to abide by these countries laws and preparing the required paperwork. To make sure that you will not lose your medicines package due to an overzealous customs officer, only buy from suppliers who offer guaranteed delivery or 100% of your money back. It’s rare to find an overseas medicines supplier who would take that risk and provide that guarantee. To give patients peace of mind, FixHepC does just that, and they are able to do it because they have learned over 6 years how to deliver drugs successfully all over the world. 

5. Getting a Prescription and Medical Support

For one reason or another, many patients are not able to get a prescription for generic Harvoni from their doctor, so how can they get one? Also, many doctors will not monitor patients if they didn’t write their prescription, so what if you need medical support during treatment? It’s inconceivable, you may say, that online drug suppliers would provide such services, after all they are not doctors. Well, you would be right, except in the case of FixHepC. FixHepC was founded and is managed by a licensed Australian doctor, Dr. James Freeman, who is is arguably a leading expert in the field of Hepatitis C treatment. If patients have any questions during or after treatment, they can pose them for free on the site’s live chat platform and get them answered by one of FixHepC’s excellent doctors, or they can post them to the FixHepC Forum and get them answered directly by people who have been there and done that. If patients need a prescription for Harvoni, they can get one by booking a video appointment at the Australian online doctor service GP2U (Australian prescriptions can be legally used to import personal medicines into the vast majority of countries, including the US). The cost for this service is 70 USD. Follow up can be through further video appointments.


You don’t have to be really rich or wait many years and get very sick before somebody agrees to treat you. You owe to yourself and to your family to take matters into your own hands and to get treated and cured now. Visit FixHepC to learn how to access high-quality generic Harvoni for only $950 USD all inclusive and rediscover what it feels like to be well again.


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