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Hey M,

Take it really slowly.

I'm also on Lexapro & tried coming down off them, I felt quite weird, horrible, when going from 20mg down to 15mg :ohmy:
I realised you got to do it super slowly.

next time I feel my life's stable enough to get off them, I'm going to do it over a few months.
If possible I'll try to cut a pill into sections of 8 instead of 4.

So then the brain can get used to it better.

How are you going?

J the young dragon slayer is:
HepC 1a since birth
Male aged 15
VL 2000000
Started Twinvir/ 10-11-15-then Sof/led.
NO sides so far !
after one week VL : 37
after 4 wks VL : UND !
EOT 2/2/16 UND.!
4 wks. post tx results....pending....
7/3/16 VL result : 4 week post tx: SVR !
12 weeks SVR !
24 wks SVR yeeaa!!

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