REDEMPTION XP - (GT 1 4) Paritaprevir 75mg, Ritonavir 50mg, Ombitasvir 12.5mg + Sofosbuvir 400mg

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FixHepC Buyers Club Returns Policy

This policy outlines the Patients options in regard to:

  • Return
  • Replacement
  • Exchange of medications for the Treatment of Hepatitis C ordered through FixHepC Buyers Club Pty Ltd.

Note: FixHepC Buyers Club acts only as the AGENT in a transaction between the manufacturer/supplier and the purchaser/Patient.

FixHepC Buyers Club does not nor at any time has held title over the medications in question.

The transaction is a contract between the Supplier (Manufacturer) and the Patient, facilitated by FixHepC Buyers Club acting as an Agent. This was indicated to you in the agreement signed by you.

RETURNS (Change of Mind)

  1. Prepare your package for return.
    Pack your medications securely, inserting any paperwork that was included when you requested your return from FixHepC Buyers Club.. If you don't have the original packaging, use a strong box and include padding such as packing bubbles or newspaper. Ensure all addresses are correct on the return package.

  2. Post your return to:
    FixHepC Buyers Club Pty Ltd
    GPO Box 391
    Tasmania Australia 7001

  3. The purchaser is responsible for the return postal costs.

  4. The returned medications have been imported by the patient under the self-importation rules. As such they cannot be onsold.

  5. You will be refunded the cost of the medications only. Funds distributed to third parties, for example, testing your medication, encapsulating or postal/transport cost cannot be refunded. These costs can be up to 50% of your purchase cost.

  6. Refunds will be processed after the return medications have been received and inspected for completeness, generally two days after receipt.

REPLACEMENT (Lost or Destroyed)

  1. The medications are distributed through a number of delivery systems. These systems require the final receiver (the Patient) to provide signatory evidence as receipt of medications.

  2. Medication will be replaced at no cost to the Patient if the medications fails the exacting testing stage. You will be notified by email of the fail and provided with a new expected delivery date for a new medication.

  3. Medication will be replaced at no cost to the Patient, if it is damaged in transit. All due care is taken by the Compounding Pharmacy’s to ensure that packaging is suitable for purpose.

  4. You will be provided with a tracking number for your medications. Using the tracking number you can see where your medications are located within that delivery path.

  5. If your medication is lost in transit, the medication will be replaced at no cost to the Patient, on notification by the final transport company (Usually FedEx or Aust Post).

  6. If your medication requires transit through a country’s Customs Agency and is held/denied entry by this Agency. FixHepC will replace the detained medication and pay all costs associated with the second delivery.

  7. If after a second delivery is held/detained by Customs, FixHepC will provide a third shipment at point of departure for collection by the Patient, at no cost to the Patient. The Patient is responsible for his/her travel cost to the point of Departure.


  1. Medication with not be exchanged. The medication has been prescribed by your doctor in consultation with the patient.

  2. If the wrong medication has been prescribed, this is an issue between you and your prescriber.

The Admin Bit

If a refunding of money is required the refund will be processed through the original payment method at time of Order.

This policy is subject to change without notice. The policy in force at the time of the original transaction will prevail in any dispute resolution.

This Policy is to be reviewed annually at the commencement of each calendar year.