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EOT 5 years 7 months ago #27389

  • mrcleanrt
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Hello everyone, I'm a little late with this information, but I recently had my third lab test showing that the Epclusa I took did a job on those little critters I've been playing host to for at least 50 years. I did manage to develop f4 and some cirrhosis, but hey I'm still here. I live a very clean life style so hopefully this will contribute to some longevity.

I want to sincerely to thank Dr. Freeman and all the staff for their compassionate dedication to this program. I could not have afforded the U.S.A. cost for this drug, so I can most likely say this was a life saver.
I experienced a few changes to my system and all of them were positive. My incessant itching evaporated, I sleep better, and with the elimination of HepC, I'm experiencing a new peace of mind now. I don't have to worry anymore. I will have ultra sound tests every six months for any further liver damage, but other than that, I'm good. I have made some attempts to spread the word here in the Portland, Oregon area, but to my amazement, I'm not getting the response that I would have expected. Oregon has the highest per capita deaths from HepC in the nation.

So I can add my name to the list of EOT cures that fixHepC has been involved in. Thank You, Ron True
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EOT 5 years 7 months ago #27390

Excellent news mrcleanrt!


Diagnosed: 2001 GT1a , HCV since mid-70's.
Biopsy 2010 F1
Fibroscan and Fibrosure 2018 F2

Treated in trial 2010 with Dac/Peg/ Riba and Relapsed.

Resistance test 2017. Have Ns5a Rav Q30r/H58d enhanced from doing Dac.

Start Tx. Jan 18th/18 w/ Vosevi /Riba 12wks. plus 6 wks.Viekira Pak +Sof/Riba(From Dr Freeman @GP2U)

VL start: 1.6mill.ALT 125 AST 88
Wk. 4 Det @LLOQ <15.
VL Wk.8 UND Alt &Ast 22
Wk. 12 UND

EOT+12 >>>UND (SVR12)! ALT11 AST13
Nov6/18 SVR 24!
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EOT 5 years 7 months ago #27391

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That's wonderful news Ron, congratulations on finally getting rid of the virus and its symptoms after 50 years, that's simply amazing :cheer: :cheer: :+1: :+1: Hopefully your liver will start recovering now that the little critters are gone.

I wonder why your attempts to spread the word in Portland are not working all that well, I'm not sure if it's lack of trust in generics or the worry of having to deal with an overseas supplier. It's a shame though because if patients did just a little bit research about FixHepC, they will quickly realize that it's the real deal and many lives will be saved.
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EOT 5 years 7 months ago #27392

  • Hazel
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Just the best news Ron, and the whole point of it all. Good luck with the cirrhosis. I have been lucky, mine has retreated all they way back to normal from decompensating, so it is possible. That reminds me, must update my profile!
#magic# #magic#
Genotype 3 30 years, 2x treatment interferon/ribavirin non responder. Cirrhosis 17 years. Fibroscan, decompensating, 40 down to 22 by 29/3/16- now down to 6.5, normal, no cirrhosis. Started Buyers Club Sof/Dac 14 Nov 15. SVR 12 29/0716
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EOT 5 years 7 months ago #27393

  • DrJames
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Hi mrcleanrt,

Congratulations on your result, and...

Hi Ron,

Thank you for the kind words and punching a small hole in the stigma of Hep C by putting your name to it.

With any luck you will see the same sort of fibrosis regression we've seen in other patients. Hazel, for example, started at 40kPa and is now down below 8kPa.

It's a privilege to be able to assist patients to get access to treatment.

Thanks for trying to get the word out. I'm sure you've seen the film the Matrix. The deeper you delve into the world of Big Pharma or Big Business the more you realize the world as you think you know it is just a veneer - there are lots of deeper layers...
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EOT 5 years 7 months ago #27394

Ron I have also been trying to get the word out here in Southern California about Dr. Freeman and the FixHepC Buyers Club and have been shocked by the lack of interest. I printed up flyers and spoke to the head of a local AIDS organization. I have given them information to distribute. I have offered to help anyone through the process. Perhaps it is because I am a 68 yr old woman. I'm starting to feel invisible. My doctor refuses to give out information or even mention Dr. Freeman. He says it is an insurance liability issue. Well I will keep on trying.

Congratulations on your successful treatment. My heath has continued to improve. I did have a root canal 6 months after EOT. Another person on this site also developed dental issues after finishing treatment. Make sure you get regular dental check ups this next year.
diagnosed in 2006
Tx naive
Treatment started 8/12/16, Ledipasvir/ Sofosbuvir (Harvoni) supplied by Monkmed
8/1/16 ALT 36 AST 40
1/4/17 ALT 17 AST 21
7/13/17 ALT 17 AST 25
12/28/17 ALT 22 AST26
2/22/18 ALT 19 AST 25
7/10/18 ALT 26 AST 32
1/8/19 ALT 16 AST 28
7/2/19 ALT 16 AST 26
Hcv Rna, Quantitative Real Time Pcr <15 NOT DETECTED (IU/mL) NOT DETECTED
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EOT 5 years 7 months ago #27433

  • coral
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Hi Ron,

I'm catching up on posts but it's never too late to say congratulations. It is indeed life changing and is a gift that keeps giving.

It is disappointing that you are not getting a lot of traction in your efforts to get the word out but I am still hopeful that our collective voices can make a difference even one person at a time.

Really really happy for you.

G1a probably early 1980's, Biopsy F1(2010), F2-F3(2015). VL 5+mill; 2+mill (2014) Tx naive. Accessed Sof/Led through Dr Freeman at GP2U and Buyers Club (lifesavers!!!)
Commenced tx 12/11/15. 9 wk: VL <15 Detected but LFT = Normal 12 week results: UND (Yay!) Due to slow response commenced Sof/Dac 4 Feb for 12 weeks. EOT @ 24 weeks 27 April 2016. (With thanks to Dr Freeman et al). SVR11 result: VL 1,950,000. It's back!
New tx 030916 (Viekira Pak, Solvadi, Ribavirin UND @ 111116. EOT 170217.
SVR12 and SVR 24
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