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  • Reversal Of Liver Fibrosis - Then and Now
    Reversal Of Liver Fibrosis - Then and Now There is some really interesting stuff happening in the "reverse liver fibrosis" realm. Here is state of the art in 2009 (great review of the mechanism) where we had no clear candidates, and Here is state of the art in 2015 where we have literally hundreds of candidates (coffee and milk thistle (silymarin) and resveratrol are in there), and Here is the state of the art in 2016 in an article called Promising Therapy Candidates for Liver Fibrosis I like this bit from the conclusion: Since both animal experiments and clinical studies have revealed that liver fibrosis,…
    Written on Tuesday, 02 May 2017 04:50
  • EASL 2017 Generics Results
    EASL 2017 Generics Results Here is a copy of the generic hep c medication presentation given by Dr James Freeman at EASL 2017 today. Mostly the presentation followed the slides. The last words, with the last slide were "I want everyone to join the club, not the hep c buyers club, this club, the hep C cure club." Click here to get the full slide set (look below).
    Written on Friday, 21 April 2017 22:17
  • A Brief History Of Sofosbuvir
    “The Liver Meeting”, or AASLD 2011, was taking place at the great, glass-fronted Moscone West Convention Center in downtown San Francisco. Almost 9,000 people were there – family doctors, hepatologists, gastroenterologists, academics, drug salesmen, public health officials – all networking, trudging the escalators, wandering the beige exhibit halls, trying to stay on top of an avalanche of medical information. Across five days in early November, no fewer than 2,200 liver-related scientific abstracts were being presented, at sessions that ran from 6.30am until 9pm. Specialists in hepatitis C, an awkward, under-recognised health problem, were used to finding their way to the…
    Written on Friday, 14 April 2017 08:33
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