For most people, sourcing life-saving medication online is not exactly an everyday experience. It is a pity that these medications are not widely available in every pharmacy, in every city in the world for an affordable cost, but the fact remains that they are not. So one option is to seek these medicines where they are available more affordably.

We strongly recommend you do your homework, before placing an order with anyone - us included. Here are some suggestions on how to do that.

Google is your friend

Google is an awesome tool for discovering information. We suggest you try Googling the following

Or any other terms that come to mind.


FixHepC On TV

Here is a TV documentary about one of the early patients receiving his test results (5m:22s mark)



In Journals and Newspapers

Here are a selection of news articles that mention us (just click them)....


Hear From Real Patients

And if you're still not convinced please visit the patient forum and ask yourself if anybody has the time to make 3000+ fake profiles and then post 25,000+ comments over the last six years?

You might also like to read some of our case studies and see if they seem real.

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