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Hi, I've joined because while beginning my treatment, the specialist mentioned to me the actual price of the drug being given to me for a cost of under $10. Im dumbstruck that such a criminal act is allowed, companies having medicines that cure a disease that to often, becomes lethal..How does it not equate to murder??

Sorry, access to that part of this website is restricted 7 years 3 weeks ago #24302

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Hi. I am a law student and I ask the same thing, I have seen diagrams of what murder is- achieving your purpose, acting to achieve it, and if someone gets in the way of your purpose, and they die, that is murder even if their death isn't the reason for the act. Sometimes it is a defence to say- couldn't achieve purpose any other way, simply not possible, and sometimes is a defence to say- couldn't have known that person would die by my act, was unforeseeable, an accident.
Big Pharma wanted to achieve profit- enormous profit. It looked at the size of the market, and did projections about how many people would get treatment at each pricing level- which is the same as knowing how many people wouldn't. They figured out they could get the same profit selling lots more for lots cheaper, but wanted to set this (around 100k) price because it is what they think is the price of a (western) life that can be extorted from here on- for other meds being developed. So, they decided to incur the deaths of me and everyone else as a marketing experiment. There was another way to achieve purpose, and they knew full well about the deaths. Trouble is- extremely hard to pin a single death on a single moment- and is more of an omission than an act- very hard to make stick. But I might try, sometime.
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