If you are seeing a doctor about getting a prescription you can save yourself time, money and hassle if you bring all the things that are required.

Your doctor will need to know:

  • Genotype (1 to 6 with or without a and b)
  • Fibrosis by scan or biopsy (either as F score or kPa)
  • Hepatitis B status
  • Prior Treatments - what and when
  • Current Medications

While you doctor can look these up (provided you know where they were done) it saves a lot of time if you have copies but if you don't have copies, don't worry.

Each of these impacts on the best choice of medications and duration.

Daclatasvir interacts with some common medications.

Routine tests pre-treatment

  1. Complete Blood Count
    • CBC or FBC
    • Haemoglobin, White Cell Count, Platelets
  2. Liver Functions
    • Part of CMP (Complete Metabolic Panel)
    • Bilirubin
    • AST or SGOT
    • ALT or SGPT
    • Albumin
  3. Kidney Function
    • Part of CMP (Complete Metabolic Panel)
    • Creatinine, Urea, Na, K, Cl
  4. HCV Viral Load
    • Quantitative HCV PCR RNA
  5. HCV Genotype
  6. Hep B surface Antibody, Hep B core Antibody +/- Hep B surface Antigen (for core positive, surface negative)
    • HBVsAb, HBVcAb +/- HBVsAg
  7. Alpha Feto Protein) - a screen for hepatocellular carcinoma
    • AFP

These tests only need to be done if there is nothing available in the last few months, but if you have them then it saves ordering them.

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