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Joan Started treatment 6 years 10 months ago #7139

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Thought I would post an update at 81/2 weeks. Overall I feel soooo much better.

I don't have brain fog or nausea which left quite early into treatment.
The most obvious sides where fatigue and broken sleep with weird dreams. The fatigue has subsided somewhat. I am waking up feeling really good and clear headed and not dragging my body around with me and not feeling nauseous when I have the first glass of water in the morning. Most days I start the day able to do things without feeling drained. However some days the fatigue does come and hit me.
My sleep is so much better. Some nights I am sleeping 8-9 hours a night and waking up once and then going back to sleep.

I have had a few other sides come and go. A week ago I had aching joints for a few days. Like the flu without the head or chest symptoms. That has passed. If I eat something a little oily or doesn't agree with me then I do have a tight feeling in the liver. But overall that feeling has eased. I also have a pulsating heart beat, I can feel my heart beat very strongly and I assume its the meds.
My outlook on life is much more positive which I always tried to maintain but I am not trying it is just there. I am thinking about going back to work and am putting the feelers out and may have something in the pipeline.
I am looking forward to my future instead of feeling overwhelmed and wondering how I will manage to get through the day.

I do have days when I am more fatigued but I try to rest . I feel like I now have a future which was looking bleak a few months ago.

Still can't manage how to get a smiley so please imagine lots of smiley's. (have tried to tap/drag n drop n cut n paste)

Thank you to Dr. James and Fix Hep C team and to all of you who post and are on the journey with me. Its reassuring to know that I am not alone and others are travelling this road.
GT2B Diagnosed 1989
Started Tx 6.Nov.2015
F3 Fibroscan 17: April.2015
Alt PreTx: 186 Ast PreTx: 157 VL PreTx: 733,000 27.10.2015
Alt Week 4: 14 Ast Week 4: 28 VL Week 4: UND 7.12.2015
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Joan Started treatment 6 years 10 months ago #7151

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Good that you're having improvements and feeling positive. There's a song from years ago "The Future's So Bright, You Gotta Wear Shades" Seems apt. B)

For smileys, use "Reply" or "Reply Topic" and you will get a choice you can just click on. They don't show when you use "Quick Reply".
M 61yo HCV+ ~ 30 yrs Gt1a F2 VL 223,000 ALT 54 AST 42 Tx start Sof/Dac 17Dec15.
SVR4 at 7Apr16 ALT 22 AST 22
SVR12 at 9Jun16 ALT 23 AST 25
Melbourne, Australia

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Joan Started treatment 6 years 10 months ago #7155

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Hi Joan, glad you are doing so well! It is interesting to read about people's experiences on tx as it gives a picture of what to expect for those of us about to start. The pulsating heart/ strong beats seems to crop up.
By the way the smiley - you just tap on the one you want then tap on your post where you want it. It doesn't show as a smiley till you post. But it does show up if you do preview first. Then post.
Geno 1a, F1, tx naive, had it 35 yrs.
Started Cipla HepcvirL on 12/01/16
Starting VL 490,000
At 16 days in <15
4 week results: UND
8 week results: UND
5 weeks EOT alt 25
SVR 15 - Not Detected
6 months EOT - Not Detected

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