On the outside, FixHepC looks simple - fill in a form, upload your prescription, pay some money and the medications appear at your door. And for you, it is this simple, but behind the scenes, there is quite a lot of work required to ensure the entire process is legal.

Here's what really happens.

What we do is assist YOU to make a personal medication importation. You have a legal right to do this, and your identity is protected by legislation around medical confidentiality.

The sale of the medication occurs in the country where it was produced and where that is both approved by the local regulatory authorities, and either licensed by the originators to be sold, or not subject to patent restrictions.

The fact your medication then happens to fall into a Fedex, DHL or EMS shipping satchel is a happy coincidence.

The FixHepC REDEMPTION trials are now closed. The results of these generic medications have been proven worldwide with millions of patients cured.

If you are yet to be cured, and require affordable access to generic Sovaldi®, Daklinza®, Harvoni® or Epclusa® please visit FixRx.com. We set this up to expand access to other medications including those used for HIV, Hep B, Hep C and cancer.

Money Back Delivery Guarantee

Just like FixHepC, FixRx offers a money back delivery guarantee, so, in the unlikely event we can not arrange for your medication to be delivered, you will receive a full refund.

On the rare occasions it has been required, this guarantee has been honoured.

There are some countries where we know that legal import by mail is not possible. For these countries, delivery to a nearby country that allows personal importation, and where you can pick up the medication to take back with you is the best we can do at this time.

You can see some of our case studies below or if you are happy order here.

Case Studies

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