Increase in Hepatitis C cure rate

Recently, Hepatitis C success stories are being reported from every corner of the world. Only a few years ago, Hepatitis C patients had to undergo a half a year long interferon treatment to have any chance of being cured of the disease that was damaging their liver. Only 1 in 2 patients treated with interferon had a success story to share after 6 months of treatment. 

With newly-discovered sofosbuvir molecule, the world has a very effective Hepatitis C cure. Sofosbuvir is the result of years of drug discovery and development research and constitutes the main active ingredient in modern Hepatitis C treatment of all HCV genotypes. 

Greg Jefferys Hepatitis C Story

Greg is an Australian in his 60s who loves to kayak. For several years he has been suffering from Hepatitis C and his condition deteriorated so much that he could barely leave the bedside. The newly-discovered sofosbuvir molecule gave him and all Hepatitis C patient a fighting chance against the disease - with over 90% cure rate, sofosbuvir-based Hepatitis C treatment was much expected and welcomed all over the world.

Knowing he will probably die due to Hepatitis C related issues, he was in desperate need of the new drug called Sovaldi (400mg sofosbuvir). However, the problem was the high price of the medicine - not only in his native Australia but all over the world. The price tag for a standard treatment with sofosbuvir pills in the US was more than $80,000. Greg was in a terrible situation - he was aware that not getting the drug will only deepen his problems with Hepatitis C. On the other hand, the price of Sovaldi was too much for him to afford. Basically, the question is really simple - how do I survive?

Taking advantage of India's loophole

Searching for the way to get the necessary medication, Greg found one option very peculiar. India refused to acknowledge a patent on sofosbuvir which forbids anyone but the patent holder (in this case the pharmaceutical giant Gilead Sciences) to produce or sell sofosbuvir pill. As a result, Gilead Sciences gave licenses to several Indian pharmaceutical companies to produce sofosbuvir pills.

Best advantage of this? Generic sofosbuvir pills cost less than $1,000 per standard 12-week treatment. This was Greg's way out. 

Going to India to buy generic version of Sovaldi (sofosbuvir pills)

Greg made the travel to India and procured the sofosbuvir pills with much difficulties for less than $1,500. He wrote a detailed blog which you can access here. It includes his travel experience, contacting the distributors and working with a doctor to get the much needed medicines for a very low price. 

The results sofosbuvir pills produced was outstanding. Greg regained normal liver function within 11 days of taking the first pill. In 4 weeks, his viral load fell to zero and he was practically Hepatitis C free. In order to guarantee all Hepatitis C viruses were eliminated, the full 12 weeks treatment was undergone.

In the video below you can see Greg going kayaking every morning with his liver being fully functional and Hepatitis C free. 

Here is a video and text story from ABC News detailing two patients' personal journeys.

How 'Hepatitis C free' looks like on paper

 This is exactly what you want to see after 12-week treatment with sofosbuvir pills, and most (above 90%) of patients see it. The results depicts Greg's serum being free of Hepatitis C Virus RNA after only 4 weeks. You can see the start of the treatment on 7th of July 2015 and the negative result was produced on 4th of August 2015.Pathology result hep C treatment

It wasn't easy for Greg

 Greg was a pioneer in what is now referred to as 'Hepatitis C tourism'. He was one of the first to take a leap of faith and obtained sofosbuvir pills from India. Many have followed in his footsteps. Seeing this way of getting medicines such as sofosbuvir and ledipasvir is successful, the FixHepC buyers club was organized to help Hepatitis C patients get the medications safely and legally, and without all the strugles Greg had to go through.

If you have Hepatitis C, this is your once in a lifetime chance. The supply chain of affordable medicines from India is currently open (we don't know how long will it be before the regulators shut it down) and with the assistance of FixHepC buyers club anybody can get the medications he or she is in need of. 

Check out how FixHepC Buyers Club works

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