emo Gilead to Cease HCV R & D

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5 years 9 months ago #22613

splitdog wrote:

You said, "Are these the people that I would invest my hard earned with"?
I would say, "Yes". Based on normal, sound business decisions. There could be any number of things going on. Maybe Merck is on to a new approach for a cancer drug. Now maybe Gilead wants to pursue that with great speed. Who knows? But no question they are on the backside of the bell curve already. Just sayin'.....

I would not invest my money on them. Perhaps I am too idealistic, but even though it would be a sound business decision and I will probably lose some potential high earnings, I would seek to invest my money in a company being cleaner, morally speaking. If I would invest my money on G., I would have the feeling that I would be making something that forbids the patient's access to medicine, thus I would contribute to the death of many. So.... no, no, no.
But this is my opinion, as a person who was denied the access to medicine and had to find my own way to get treated. I do not expect that healthy people, who do not have to follow the path I did (or all of us from here did), will understand this positioning. Apart from a couple of doctors of course, who have the ability to "see the forest through the trees" and support the patients to get treated with generics.

@splitdog: I understood what you meant and the rationale behind it. What I wrote above is not a critique directed to your post. For an investor who never heard about HCV (or the health issues generated by HCV), I guess such an investor will (prefer) see the full part of the glass "I am investing the money in a company developing advanced cure, blah blah blah". So investing in Gilead will mean a sound business decision.


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5 years 9 months ago #22617

Other companies will focus on the developing world and retreatment therapies.

Gen 1b
VL pre treatment 29000 ME/ml
AST 32 ALT 94, F0
Started treatment 13 January 2017
Generic sofosbuvir/velpatasvir (Incepta)
VL 9 days into treatment <300 (undetected)
AST 13.8 ALT 22
Side effects: mild dehydration, not a problem at all if I drink water at night, nothing to worry about
Diet and gastric ph are very important with velpatasvir. One must think what and when to eat to keep gastric pH low. Side effects disappeared 2 weeks after, unless I ate anything < 4hrs before the pill. SVR60.

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5 years 9 months ago #22623

ROHCVfighter-- Yes, I probably would invest elsewhere, too.

Who knows? Maybe Gilead's greed will make them abandon HCV for more 'lucrative' drugs--maybe to treat cancer-- and they can overprice them to the point where generics can come into the picture and again cure many. :)

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Genotype 3
VL 4,100,000
ALT 101 AST 71
Treatment Naive
Started Sof/Dac Jan 12, 2016
VL= <15 4 weeks in. AST/ALT normal.
VL=UNDETECTED 8 weeks in.
SVR4= Virus back. 3,300,000

Started generic Epclusa Sep. 23, 2017

4 weeks in <15 *Detected.
12 weeks in <15 *Not Detected.
16 weeks in <15 *Not Detected.
Finished 24 weeks treatment 3-17-18
SVR5 <15 Not Detected.
SVR 20 <15 Not Detected.
SVR 44 <15 Not Detected.

Thank you Jesus.
Thank you Dr. James

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5 years 9 months ago #22628

If you look at it logically from the point of return on investment.

90% cure (Sof+Riba or Sof+Led) - leaves 10%

90% cure (Sof+Vel) in that 10% leaves 1%

90% cure (Sof+Vel+Vox) in that 1% leaves 0.1%

0.1% of 180 million is "only" 180,000 total patients versus 179,820,000 who could have access to curative medication that already exists.

With ABT-493 3 x better than GS-9857 (Vox) and ABT-530 10 x better than Velpatasvir for all intents and purposes 99.9%+ of people can be cured with existing medications.

The issue we have is not further invention. It's deployment on an industrial scale.

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