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Can anyone help with viral load readings please? 7 years 4 days ago #24482

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Hi Coral,

Strange that I didn't get a notification in my inbox that you had written to me, I only came across your message by chance, and then it isn't visible when I use my ipad - only my computer???

Anyway, it sounds as if you have really been through it! I can only imagine how you felt when you relapsed, but you sound optimistic about the outcome of your current treatment, and I'll keep everything crossed for you that you manage to remain clear in future, and after everything you have done I'm sure that you will beat this disease.

Yes, I did manage to find a pill cutter and it was funny trying to cut it without this gadget. I reduced my dose last night and although I've felt slightly sickly all day my mood has much improved, which is great.

The only fly in the ointment is that an attic ceiling is threatening to fall down in my 250 year old rented house. It's the old lath and plaster, so when the landlord sends someone to pull it down and replace it the mess will be unbelievable, no matter how many dust sheets I put down. It's the sort of soot that permeates everything and continues to settle for weeks after the job is completed. I've had the ceiling propped up temporarily, but next week I have to arrange for the work to be done before it comes down of it's own accord. No biggie in the usual scheme of things, but in the here and now I could so do without it. Thank goodness I'm blessed with lovely friends who have offered to help me clean up the mess, as although I'm feeling slightly better my energy levels are very low.

I hope you're ok and the ribavarin isn't taking it out of you too much, I've read that it's a tough one to deal with sometimes. Thanks so much for your mails, it makes such a difference to hear from nice people who are going through similar times. Sending love to you x

ps have just realised why I'm getting confused on this site - I clicked the thank you before I replied to your last mail, and when I do that it takes me to a different thread and I couldn't understand why. Now I can see that you hit the reply button to stay on the thread, so I don't know if you've read this already but I copied and pasted it in case you haven't. Hope this makes sense and that you are having a good day xxx
2b diagnosed about 10 years ago
Alt was 150 but got it down to a consistent 49 with Chinese herbal medicine
Started dac/sof 27/03/17
4 week test - liver function normal - alt 31
full blood count normal
RNA detected 26 IU/ml Log = 1.42
9 week test 26/05/17
bloods and liver function normal - alt 27
RNA detected <10 IU/ml
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