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India Buyers Club: The new way for Americans to buy cheap drugs 8 years 6 days ago #17602

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Hi all,

Umm, I'm not certain how this has thread has become seen as a nationality discussion. :huh:

As far as I can see the 'offending' statement appears to be a quote by "Gregg Bigsby, a commercial fisherman from Alaska" which I assume makes him American?

If the reporter had gone on to state that "what Gregg really meant by that was blah, blah, blah" then she would have been editorialising.

And the inclusion of that quote in the OP of this thread would appear to be in the time honoured press tradition of getting public interest by using a "man bites dog!" headline.......except it appears to have resulted in argument rather than reading.

For the rest of it, I'm sure everyone on this site has experienced the stigma and ignorance associated with HCV at some point. It isn't exclusive to any particular nationality and I see it espoused in the comments section of media outlets worldwide.

We should all be working together to educate the general populace as to the truth of the situation.

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India Buyers Club: The new way for Americans to buy cheap drugs 8 years 6 days ago #17604

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Message received. Point taken.
Failed Interferon 96', G1a, VL = 9 - 5.5 Million, F3/A3, AST 111, ALT 190, Generic DAA treatment Sof/Led (Mylan - India MYHEP LVIR) - 8 June, 2016
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India Buyers Club: The new way for Americans to buy cheap drugs 8 years 6 days ago #17612

Hey everyone! :cheer: It appears I may've started a firestorm here. Very sorry about that, never my intention. I think, as usually happens with people who're passionate about something like we ALL are about getting the message of hope out to as many as we can, misunderstandings can happen. I mistook your comments fitz as "shooting the messenger" when I see now that clearly wasn't the case. You clarified that for both me and joy, you clarified that for both of us and all reading the post what you had done was simply post the quote. Now, what I see is not an "argument" rather I see a coming together to reach an understanding. And though neither of you were obligated to change anything, you edited your posts. Wow! Don't we wish that kind of coming together would happen on the global scale??? YOU'RE ALL INCREDIBLE HUMAN BEINGS HERE :woohoo: I'm humbled and privileged to have come to be among you. :+1: :+1:
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3 weeks after SOT: AST 27 ALT 31 VL 138
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