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Has anyone used the buyers club from the UK? 8 years 2 months ago #13790

Hey Thurl, Pleased it worked for you, I can only pass on the advise I was given by a UK liver specialist & London GP which worked for me with GP and Hospital. No, not everyone has been so successful regarding NHS monitoring, my London Hospital said a very clear 'No' but thankfully a few more uk hospitals are slowly coming round to the idea and I changed my hospital (but had to travel). Maybe better to lower risk of rejection though until the day comes that it's the 'norm' ? Many GPs don't know the ins & outs of the new DDAs but they know the names Cipla & Mylan. It's easy to forget the stress organising these things once everything's in place, you know? Yes, a post-code lottery and also I feel, down to the individual consultant and their ermm 'responsibilities' - Glad it worked for you.

(edit) Have added the word 'most' to my post to reflect your experience
GT1a Dec14 F2/8.7 VL 900000-2.5M
Jan16 Hepcivir-L MonkMed/Redemption
Baseline: VL 913575 Alt 76 Platelets low
Wk2 VL1157 Alt 23
DET Wk 8 VL 32 Alt19 'In the slow lane'
June16 Fibro 5.7 F0/1 LIF 1.5
Wk 11 VL<12 Alt 13 Det/Unq
Extending tx 12 wks Mylan Sofo/Dac MonkMed
Wk 14 VL <12 Det/Unq
Wk 22 + 4 Wks Sunprevir FixHepC
Wk 12 post tx SVR12 Wk 26 SVR24
Thank-you Tim, Dr Debasis @ MonkMed & Dr Freeman @ Fix HepC
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