Where do Chinese suppliers of Sofosbuvir, Ledipasvir and Daclatasvir fit in Hepatitis C medication supply chain?

Modern pharmaceutical industry is drawing resources from all over the world in order to manufacture Hepatitis C and other medications. The supply chain of lets say a US-based company most commonly begins in India and China. These countries have, by opinion of FDA regulators, sufficient knowledge and know-how to provide companies such as Gilead Sciences with the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API). Pills are composed of several different chemical; majority of them like lactose or polymers are there just to be able for a tablet to form - however, the one ingredient that carries with it all therapeutic benefits is an API.

In the case of Sovaldi, API is molecule sofosbuvir. Each pill contains 400mg of sofosbuvir. With the trend of pharmaceutical companies buying API from India and China, primarily due to lower costs, these two countries are becoming more and more important in the world of pharmaceutical industry.

Where does API go from China?

APIs are bought in large quantities (tons) and are shipped to pharmaceutical manufacturers all over the world. There API which looks like a powder is used to make pills in bulk series production (even beyond a million pills are produced in a single batch).

Ordering an API such as sofosbuvir in bulk orders means that pharmaceutical companies such as Gilead Sciences can reduce the price of production. API is the single most important and valuable constituent of a pill. If you have the necessary credentials, you can order sofosbuvir in bulk over Alibaba. The highest cost is 10$ per 1 g of sofosbuvir. This means manufacturer spends at most 4$ for 400mg of sofosbuvir that goes in a single Sovaldi pill. What is more, pharmaceutical companies can negotiate even better prices (prices on Alibaba go as low as 1$ per 1 g), which means that Gilead can buy 400mg of sofosbuvir for less than 0.40$. This would run a total production cost of a pill below 1$. 
chinese sofosbuvir ledipasvir api powder suppliers

In the US, a sofosbuvir pill that costs less than 1$ to produce is sold for more than $1,000. More than $999 go to pharmaceutical company such as Gilead for covering their expenses and guaranteeing profits. 

How does FixHepC Buyers Club help you?

Very simply put, FixHepC Buyers Club uses the valuable API and doesn't re-package it like pharmaceutical companies; this is why the price of sofosbuvir pill is not more than $1,000. We managed to reduce the price to about $10 per pill. We hope and believe this is an affordable price for all Hepatitis C patient in need of the medications.

Furthermore, it is our opinion that pharmaceutical companies should be more open about the costs of drug production to better evaluate the actual price of sofosbuvir and other pills. In any other industry, selling something company spent 1$ producing for $1000 would be ludicrous. Pharmaceutical industry should be that much more sensitive about pricing their products so high because they directly affect patient's health and can mean the difference between a patient surviving or dying. 

Credible Chinese manufacturers of Sofosbuvir, Ledipasvir and Daclatasvir

Because of the high margins in pharmaceutical industry, many smaller companies are trying to take an advantage of the unsuspecting customers. API producers are among such companies; this why it is paramount that every product from their facility to be analysed and studied. 

Luckily, we have secured a healthy relationship with a credible Chinese sofosbuvir, ledipasvir and daclatasvir manufacturer. All the API coming from them have been successfully analysed and, what is more, they are readily and continuously regulated by Chinese authorities to ensure their on-going credibility and high quality of APIs produced. 

Meet Beijing Mesochem

Beijing Mesochem an API manufacturer in China that manufactures Sofosbuvir, Ledipasvir and Daclatasvir. We have observed both consistent quality and results with product patients have imported from this source.

COA Sofosbuvir IATA Sofosbuvir MSDS Sofosbuvir

COA Ledipasvir IATA Ledipasvir MSDS Ledipasvir

COA Daclatasvir IATA Daclatasvir MSDS Daclatasvir

Chinese source material arrives as powder form.

The major advantage is the ability to test it prior to use to guarantee supply chain integrity.

Sofosbuvir powder required local encapsulation

What FixHepC Buyers Club provides is sofosbuvir, ledipasvir, daclatasvir and ribavirin in a powder form. This is why you can obtain it for a fraction of costs of original Sovaldi or Harvoni.

It does have the disadvantage of requiring local encapsulation, but this is done by most compounding pharmacies as a routine and is easy to arrange. If you so wish, we can encapsulate the necessary sofosbuvir or any other powders for you as well.

We test the APIs and obtain certificated based on analytical data

These APIs have also been cross-checked in Australia by the NMI (National Measurement Institute) which is NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) accredited to perform testing. Only the Department of Defense and NMI have NATA accreditation to perform this testing.

Australian NMI NATA Certification Sofosbuvir

Australian NMI NATA Certification Ledipasvir

Australian NMI NATA Certification Daclatasvir

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