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To date quite a number of patients around the country have been successful in accessing medications from overseas and importing them for personal use. I'm aware for example that more people in Tasmania have been treated and achieved a VL of zero in the last 3 months than in the last 3 years.

Not everyone appears to view that as cause for celebration. We can only speculate on what might happen in the future, but this has happened today within 24 hours of opening the Buyers Club

The TGA has a job to do, and that is to ensure the medications available to Australian's are safe and useful. Why they let Chemist Warehouse sell bottles of water and call them homeopathic melatonin is beyond me but that's another story.

My job as a doctor is to treat patients with medicines that work. I'm hopeful that the TGA will continue to respect your personal right to source medication from places where it is available at an affordable cost, rather than abuse its power to prevent that.

This could turn out to be the first big crisis for the Turnbull government - protect the interests of Gilead or those of ordinary Australians.

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I think we should take seriously the possibility that fixhepc.com and/or the associated Buyers Club may be shut down by a pharma legal attack.

I am downloading all the key info from this site that would enable me to do it on my own if this site is shut down. :)

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Yes, you're right, but we will fight to create a balance between patient rights and patent rights.

The only difference between patient and patent is the missing 'i'. That 'i' is you.

While this site may be shut down we keep regular backups so in that event I expect it might just pop up, missing a few hours data somewhere else. Any pentest experts, threat analysts and general server admin types with a view to keeping things active speak now or.....

On that note anyone who would like to set up a FixHepC Buyers Club node in their location should drop us a line. The more nodes the harder it will be to stop. Chop off a leg here, and we just grow another one there.

Could be it goes like this....

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