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I’m about to start treatment and I’ve been doing some research and a lot of people saying how Harvoni ruined their lifes, that now are in liver failure thanks to the medicine, throwing up blood and all sorts of horrendous things.

I also read about people improving things and symptoms by the second day.

So, can anyone share their positive and negative experiences with Harvoni and treatment in general? Side effects?

How about after treatment?

Anyone here thinks that their liver got worse after treatment? Increased fibrosis?

Also, as I’ve mentioned in other post, I keep seeing ast/alt ratio >1 after treatment. How’s your enzimes ratio after treatment? Not only levels, but ratio back to normal?

I’ve read a post from a guy that mentioned that was diagnosed with cirrhosis after Harvoni and I thought the whole thing was a bit weird.


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Hi JohnSmith,

You raise an interesting question, I hope I can summarize my experience in a helpful way for you:
- before treatment - I had many questions, some doubts whether generic drugs really works and whether it will harm me. Dr. Freeman and FixHepC forum members helped me in gaining trust I could get healthy again, so I decided to start the treatment.
- during treatment - in the first 3 weeks I had some minor headaches and a little bit of insomnia. Starting from week 4 no noticeable side effects.
- after treatment till SVR12 - I got anxious in knowing whether I was really cured.... Not taking the pills anymore made me feel at risk :).
- after SVR12 - life is on a normal track, I have a normal life with all that this means (yet I am still cautious about what I eat and drink - everything with moderation).

I hope this helps,


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That helped me a lot. Thank you very much for sharing your experience. Now I’m not so nervous anymore. Thank you for your kindness.

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I used Harvoni ( Ledipasvir/sofosbuvir, sold under the trade name Harvoni) purchased from a compound chemist for $2500
The full course removed the virus and i remain virus free.
My cirrhotic liver has become worst irrespective of my good intentions or Harvoni, which is used to rid the virus not improve my liver. If i look after my liver theoretically it shouldnt get worst but that depends on previous damage. A damaged liver can cause alot of other problems eg edema in legs, peripheral neuropathy - add celiac disease and you get ulcerative colitis to add to the list.
The Gov's only interest is disease prevention - not your health or state of mind.
Being diagnosed with cirrhosis after Harvoni treatment is normal as most have had the disease 20 - 40 yrs before Hep C detection and damage extent becomes known after or during treatment.
Hardly any side effects worth mentioning after taking Harvoni about 5 yrs ago but my liver/ health is a major concern.

Diagnosed Hep C 2013
Geno Type: 1a
Treatment: Naïve
2015 GGT 227 AST 79 ALT 89 Platelets 88
2016 Treatment Generic Harvoni Finished 29 March 2016
GGT 30 AST 19 ALP 67 Platelets 91
Qualitative Test Results April 12
Hepatitis C NAT (NA): Not Detected
P.C.R Test for Hep C 4th July: Negative
Virus Free
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