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Bristol-Myers Squibb appear to be putting some focus on the anti-fibrosis field including investing in licencing rights for development of a promising new drug/delivery system (ND-L02-s0201) that targets HCV and Nash fibrosis.




G3a since '78 - Dx '12 - F4 (2xHCC)
24wk Tx - PEG/Riba/Dac 2013 relapsed
24wk Tx - Generic Sof/Dac/Riba 2015/16 relapsed
16wk Tx - 12/01/17 -> 03/05/17 NS3/NS5a + Generic Sof
SVR7 - 22/06/17 UND
SRV12 - 27/07/17 UND
SVR24 - 26/10/17 UND
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