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Today, which happens to be my birthday, Malaysia gave its citizens a present. Cabinet has agreed to issue a compulsory licence on the Gilead HCV medication Sofosbuvir.


What this means is the Sofosbuvir patent can be ignored and Malaysia will be able to import generic Sofosbuvir.

So what about Ledipasvir and Daclatasvir, afterall we need 2 drugs.

No this won't impact that but it turns out DNDi, Pharco and Presidio have a rather tidy pan-genotypic NS5A inhibitor called Ravidasvir, which was co-incidentally trialled in Malaysia. This is essentially the same as Velpatasvir.

So no prizes for joining the dots. Sofosbuvir+Ravidasvir - coming to a town near you (at least if you live in Malaysia).

More on Ravidasvir here: www.dndi.org/diseases-projects/portfolio/sofosbuvir-hepc/

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4 years 9 months ago #25260

Happy Birthday, Doc!! :)

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Genotype 3
VL 4,100,000
ALT 101 AST 71
Treatment Naive
Started Sof/Dac Jan 12, 2016
VL= <15 4 weeks in. AST/ALT normal.
VL=UNDETECTED 8 weeks in.
SVR4= Virus back. 3,300,000

Started generic Epclusa Sep. 23, 2017

4 weeks in <15 *Detected.
12 weeks in <15 *Not Detected.
16 weeks in <15 *Not Detected.
Finished 24 weeks treatment 3-17-18
SVR5 <15 Not Detected.
SVR 20 <15 Not Detected.
SVR 44 <15 Not Detected.

Thank you Jesus.
Thank you Dr. James
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