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Latest EASL July 2016 magazine publication. 7 years 3 months ago #18126


I cant seem to be able to get the full txt version as yet however this is still worth the look. Turns out there is a published study saying there is a lack of evidence to support the suggestion that DAA's may increase the chance of the re-occurrence of HCC.

Is there is anyone who can get the full txt version and post it up?

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Latest EASL July 2016 magazine publication. 7 years 3 months ago #18146

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Hello all,
On the topic of HCC recurrence post DAA tx Social media voices are citing most interesting data. I'm seeing possible past influence going without a nod. Take for example Lucinda Porters concerns which will be well meant, her social media profile supports HCV patients.
She cites re this issue however, from a cohort that underwent pegylated interferon plus riba tx.
I'm always mindful of the effects of this old tx when I read on the topic of raised risk of malignancy of any type post DAAs.
Take care and always ask your doc #flower


Gen 1a
Peg/inf/riba 2012(!) stop @ Wk 43 potassium low +issues (rlps week 4 post tx, VL120,000) scnds eg. adenomas.
pre sof/led VL 240,000 Fibsc F0
Day 25 <30
Day 32 UND
Week 10 UND
SVR12 UND ALT14 AST19 GGT12 Bili 5
EOT +18 ALT13 AST20 GGT9 Bili 5
EOT +21 ALT11AST15
Cured SVR12
Dysplasia Adenomas RemvdAug '16
ColonoscopyClear Nov17
LumpectomyClear ‘18
LithotripsyCytoscopyBiopsy 4/18
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Latest EASL July 2016 magazine publication. 7 years 3 months ago #18223

"CONCLUSIONS: The risk of HCC after HCV cure, while considerably reduced, remains relatively high at 0.33% per year. Older age and/or presence of cirrhosis at the time of SVR are associated with a high enough risk to warrant surveillance. Diabetes is also a risk factor for post SVR HCC."

Always seems to come full circle treatment wise - get treated ASAP before your liver takes a beating (and you grow older).

GT3a 1990 Failed Inter 1998, comb in 2000. HCC 2012
Started 24/52 Sof/Dac 27th October 2015.
1. Bloods 2 October 2015: AST - 165 (20-40), ALT - 265 (5-40), GGT 189 (5-50)
2, Bloods 20 November 2015: ALT etc normal; VL 19
3. Bloods 8 January 2016: AST - 40, ALT - 59, GGT 48 VL RNA UND
4. EOT 12 April 2016 - blood tests: all is well, CT scan: okay
5. AFP 11 June 2016: 4 ref< 11
6. VL July 2016: DET
7. Oct16 start treat - June17 UND
8. Jun 18, lfts okay, platelets a bit low.
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