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One Year Later 7 years 2 weeks ago #24628

One year ago
I was feeling good getting on with stuff that had piled up and I just finished my NHS harvoni a couple of weeks previously and I was having a few glasses after nearly a year on the wagon
I was unquantifiable after 2 weeks and undetected all the way through, I was just waiting for my 4 weeks post results. I was cured I knew I was. Now I'm not Stan Lee's lucky man and I don't have an unrealistic positive attitude but this treatment had just fallen into place and I knew it had worked
I wasn't prepared for the results when they came in and I fell off the cliff it was worse than when I was 1st diagnosed
just by chance flicking through the news channels one morning France 24 was doing a clip about buyers club and Greggs trip to India
I hit the website and found there was a London Girl on here and I thought wow there is even someone in England doing it, so many questions in those days. We got in touch and she helped me through the 1st stages of contact with monk med, Dr D Debasis etc.so I signed up for redemption.(Thanks for all your help L G and congrats on your SVR)
while trying to get baseline blood tests from my local hospital I was persuaded to hold off on treatment, now I'm sure the advice was well meant and there may be reasons for not retreating immediately there was all so an element of suspicion of generics and FHC
it was the worst decision I've ever made I've wasted 12 months and I'm still back to square one
I finally got a resistance analysis carried out I've got no NS5a or MS5b resistance that's good. I've picked up where I left off with monk med and receive my meds last week . I just started a 24 week run and I'm not looking forward to it, I'm not happy about it and I don't feel positive about it in fact I'm pretty pissed off in general
during the last year of waiting my fibrosis has gone from F1 F2 6.8 kpa to F2 F3 8.9 kpa
if there is anybody out there waiting for treatment, thinking about treatment, been promised treatment, stop sitting on the fence and get on with it or you may live to regret it as I do
age 72 location UK
14-2-2015 GT1a 6.8 kpa F1-F2 VL6.46
16-3-16 started 8wks Harvoin
2 wks VL unquantifiable
4 wks VL undetected
8 wks EOT Vl undetected
4 wks post. detected VL 4.07 relapsed
22-5-17 started re treatment via Redemption 2 ,meds via Monkmed 12 weeks Sof Dac+Rbv
Riba via NHS
Starting VL 4.25 log 6.63 ALT 88 Fibroscan F2- F3 8.9 kPa
2 wks VL 2.86
4 wks VL below detectable level
changed Tx to Viekira+Sof+Rbv
6 wks VL undetected
13-9-17 EOT , ALT32, AST28
SVR 4 +12
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One Year Later 7 years 2 weeks ago #24632

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  • Vindecat de HCV cu med. generice. Cured with generics HCV drugs.
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A short note to my previous post: the current (new) rules for extending the treatment for HCV patients in my country still do not qualify people like me (I had f1/f2 before starting the treatment) for getting the treatment. So .... I guess I can say that I "won" 1 year free of HCV thanks to generic medication :) and looking how slow the things are moving in granting the access to treatment, I would dare to say that I won also the next year .... maybe more years, to live without HCV.
In fiecare an HCV ucide peste 500000 oameni.Medicamentele generice pentru hepatita C functioneaza. Nu deveni statistica! Cauta pe Google “medicamente generice pentru hepatita C”.
HCV kills more than 500000 people every year. HCV generic drugs work. Don't become a statistic.
By sharing this Youtube video you might save someone’s life!
My TX: HEPCVIR-L[generic Harvoni]-India
SVR52 achieved
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One Year Later 7 years 2 weeks ago #24647

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Thank you for your follow up letter. It is very encouraging!
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