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Genotype 7 years 7 months ago #22469

I had hepc for 43 years before diagnosis and treatment 3 years ago, ribavirin / interferon.I had genotype 2, is there a difference in symtoms and damage caused by the various genotypes? Fibroscan indicated a level of cirrhosis but not too high a level, blood tests all okay but am a bit sceptical about liver function tests,have a pacemaker now and they say I cannot have another fibroscan. Very grateful for treatment and cure but the stigma and ignorance I have encountered has to be experienced to be believed!
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Genotype 7 years 7 months ago #22472

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Hi Pauldavid,

My understanding is that while we all seem to be a bit different there doesn't seem to be much correlation in the level of symptoms and damage between genotypes with the exception that genotype 3 is thought to be more aggressive in how quickly it impacts as well as more difficult to treat.
Raised liver functions indicate damage occurring so if yours are okay then at very least you are stable but many patients are finding that their fibrosis/cirrhosis scores have improved post treatment so I expect after three years there is a very good chance you will have too despite not being able to test it.

Sadly, I hear you on the ignorance and stigma, though it does appear to be very slowly improving.
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Genotype 7 years 7 months ago #22475

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Hi PaulDavid
One thing I can assure you
There's no stigma or anything immature and ignorant here at FHC forum just support and getting the job done
You are among friends
Wishing you a good outcome from DAAs
Love from Ariel
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