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6 years 6 months ago #3732

Our goal is to provide a location for a warts and all discussion of Hep C in general and DAA treatment.

While a lot of discussion is about generic DAAs people taking OEM DAAs are equally welcome.

There are many other forums discussing this topic around the world - feel free to link to any information you think might help others, including other forums.

We aim to censor only the following 3 things:

  • Totally unrelated SEO spam
  • Posts along the lines of "I can get you DAAs" where the poster has a freemail address, claims to be from say Incepta, but are not.*
  • Flamewars, hate speech, or serious profanity

* There are some proven independent parties here and the more channels to access the better - the key is making sure would be rip-off merchants can't find victims here. The moderators know who has been proven trustworthy and reliable.


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