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Importing to Norway 8 years 4 months ago #10391

  • PauliNO
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It is not poosible to import prescription drugs to Norway(by mail). You are however allowed to bring 3 months of medications from any country or up to one year of medication when traveling within the EU/EEC. You should be able to document that they are for your own personal use(prescription) and that they are bought legally(receipt).


To access generic HCV drugs one could travel to India or other contries where they are availiable and fly home with them. I did it another way:

1. Signed up for the REDEMPTION trial
2. got a prescription from my GP (on paper, not electronic)
3. Found a friend of a friend that lives in the UK (where import rules allow you to import by mail) and asked to borrow his adress
4. Wired the money to fixhepC(1600 USD) transfer took aproximately four business days
5. meds shipped to UK from India with fedex. (very exciting to follow the journey on the tracker!!) Fed ex received them friday morning in India and they were delivered on the following monday in the UK.
6. Traveled to the UK and brought the medicines back:)

A liver specialist at a major hospital have agreed to follow me during treatment.

If you are considering to import genercis to Norway feel free to send me a PM and I´ll be happy to share from my experience.
Genotype 1b - Tx naive
Pre Tx Vl 8 900 000, Alt 52
2 weeks VL160
4 weeks VL 43
7 weeks VL UND

Startet Tx 6. feb 2016 Hepcivir-L (Generic Harvoni from Cipla)
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Importing to Norway 8 years 4 months ago #10392

Good information P,
It will help others know what to do.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

G 1a F-1
Started tx 10/23/15 (Meso sof & led) ALT 48 AST 28 v/l 1.6 mil
11/17/15 4 wk lab ALT 17 AST 16 <15
11/18/15 Started Harvoni
12/16/15 8 wk lab ALT: 15 AST: 13 V/l UND
1/14/16 Fin. Tx
7/07/16 UND SVR 24

Importing to Norway 8 years 4 months ago #10398

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Amazing story, I have followed your case since you started and am inspired by your tenacity and resilience. Yes what Mgalbrai said. Absolutely this will help others. :+1: #love #flower :+1:
Gen 1a
Peg/inf/riba 2012(!) stop @ Wk 43 potassium low +issues (rlps week 4 post tx, VL120,000) scnds eg. adenomas.
pre sof/led VL 240,000 Fibsc F0
Day 25 <30
Day 32 UND
Week 10 UND
SVR12 UND ALT14 AST19 GGT12 Bili 5
EOT +18 ALT13 AST20 GGT9 Bili 5
EOT +21 ALT11AST15
Cured SVR12
Dysplasia Adenomas RemvdAug '16
ColonoscopyClear Nov17
LumpectomyClear ‘18
LithotripsyCytoscopyBiopsy 4/18
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Importing to Norway 7 years 3 weeks ago #24513

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Sendt HepC medicin fra Indien til England:

I Danmark er det lovligt at få tilsendt sin HepC medicin fra England til Danmark, på følgende betingelser:
Medicinen til egen brug og til sygdomsbekæmpelse, max 3 mdr, medicinen er lovligt købt.
I forsendelse fra England til Danmark er vedlagt kvittering for købet og recept.

Mon ikke det også er lovligt i Norge, jeg skrev med lægemiddelstyrelse i Danmark.

Mail fra lægemiddelstyrelse i Danmark til mig:

Kære Gert,
Til din orientering kan vi oplyse, at det afgørende for lovligheden af en indførsel er landet, hvorfra
forsendelsen afsendes, jf. § 5 i bekendtgørelsen om privates indførsel af lægemidler. Det er således ikke
afgørende, i hvilket land forhandleren har etableret sig eller at forhandleren oplyser, at forhandlingen vil
ske fra et EU/EØS-land. Det er således indføreren af et lægemiddel, som er ansvarlig for, at produktet
sendes fra et land, hvorfra det er lovligt at modtage produktet.
Da eksempelvis England er medlem af EU/EØS, er det derfor vores opfattelse, at det vil være lovligt at
få”Sofosbuvir” tilsendt fra England, såfremt produktet er lovligt indkøbt, og kun er til personlig brug til
sygdomsforebyggelse eller -behandling.
Ved lovligt indkøbt, menes der igennem en ”virksomhed som er godkendt af den pågældende myndighed til
at forhandle lægemidler”.
Ved personlig brug til sygdomsforebyggelse eller –behandling, menes der at produktet skal være indkøbt til
dig selv altså til privat brug.
Probably infected 30 years ago Genotype: 1a
Fibroscan 4,8 - 18 january 2017
Virus in the blood 18 January 2017 10.400000 / Alat 102
Started treatment January 19, 2017
Feb.15 - Alat 76 - virus: UNDETECTED
March 15 - Alat 34 - virus UNDETECTED
April 12 - Alat 40 Asat 34 - virus UNDETECTED / Taking the last pill
May 10 SVR4 - Alat 36 -virus UNDETECTED
July 5 SVR12 - Fibroscan 3,8 Alat 39 - virus UNDETECTED
Sep. 27 SVR24 - ALAT 24- virus UNDETECTED
Marts 14 - 2018 SVR48 - ALAT 26- virus UNDETECTED
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