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Dehydration 6 years 1 month ago #26113

  • Tigerfan
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I have been on Epclusa for 7 weeks, was undetected after 4, and my liver scan reflects a pristine, healthy organ. I am blessed.

I am also dehydrated down to my toenails, and am drinking numerous quarts of Gatorade every day. I interpret this to mean that the medicine is working its way deep into my tissues to find and kill every one of the little buggers.

I just have to make it 5 more weeks.....
1970's-Bad behavior as a teenager.
2001- Insurance Company denies coverage due to HCV positive
2002- Another HCV positive reading and referral to liver doctor.
2003-Commence Interferon Combination treatment. VL 205,088 after 3 months. Doctor says stop.
2007-VL 1,045,320.
2017-VL 3,121,174.
2.5.18-Commenced generic Epclusa.
3.7.18- VL Undetected!
3.13.18-US Abdomen Complete scan reflects "Normal echogenicity with no mass detected. No dilated intrahepatic biliary ducts".
8.1.18- VL Undetected!
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Dehydration 6 years 1 month ago #26116

  • DrJames
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Hello Tigerfan,

While it's probably just the medication we do see 3 times the usual rate of diabetes in patients with Hep C. One of the signs of diabetes is thirst so it would be sensible to get your blood sugar checked and make sure that is normal.
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Dehydration 6 years 1 month ago #26118

  • Ariel
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Hi Tigerfan
Yep I felt like a Camel too! Maybe it’s our sport addiction! Five more weeks of gallons of water well at least it’s not long now. Your post reminded me of the incredible thirst and I am also a Gatorade person I think that is a Sport thing too. I upped my water intake too as you surely have.
I still can’t paddle out without the trusty Gatorade in the surfbomb waiting for me :)
Here’s to your last five weeks!
Sending you a big happy splash haha!
Gen 1a
Peg/inf/riba 2012(!) stop @ Wk 43 potassium low +issues (rlps week 4 post tx, VL120,000) scnds eg. adenomas.
pre sof/led VL 240,000 Fibsc F0
Day 25 <30
Day 32 UND
Week 10 UND
SVR12 UND ALT14 AST19 GGT12 Bili 5
EOT +18 ALT13 AST20 GGT9 Bili 5
EOT +21 ALT11AST15
Cured SVR12
Dysplasia Adenomas RemvdAug '16
ColonoscopyClear Nov17
LumpectomyClear ‘18
LithotripsyCytoscopyBiopsy 4/18
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Dehydration 6 years 1 month ago #26135

  • beaches
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Hey tigerfan, yeah I was thirsty too. Drank more water
Genotype 1a
Diagnosed in 2004, had HCV for all my adult life. Until 2016!!!!
Harvoni treatment, started 19 March 2016
4 week results Bilirubin 12 down from 14 pre treatment,
Gamma 25 down from 52, ALT 19 down from 63, AST 19 down from 47,
VL <15 down from a lazy 6 million or so

EOT Results
Bilirubin 10, GGT 18, ALT 19, AST 21, VL UND

12 Weeks post EOT
Bilirubin 11, GGT 16, ALT 22, AST 20, VL UND
Cured baby
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