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Root canal or dental extraction? 7 years 5 months ago #23699

Hey friends, I am in a confusion. Please help me to resolve it.
Last day, I had my crown removed due to dental decay and the doctor told that decay has eroded into the root. He told that there were two options - a root canal, or a dental tooth extraction. I am a hepatic patient. Which treatment is best suited for a hepatic patient? I am planning to visit a dental clinic in Carleton Place . I know that both of the treatments have got their own advantages and disadvantages. Is there anybody over here who can give me an expert advice on this?

Root canal or dental extraction? 7 years 5 months ago #23707

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It really depends on which tooth and your budget/insurance.

With an extraction the tooth (and problem) is gone but ..... there is a gap where that tooth was that casuses various problems from aesthetics (looks) to function (biting/chewing). If removal causes a functional problem then something like a peg and a single tooth denture is required (expensive)

A root canal consists of 3 parts.

First you drill down through the roots to release the infection. Some antibiotics are put in and the tooth sealed over. Then you wait a while. This process kills the tooth as the roots supply the blood to keep it alive.

All going well, at the end of this you have a dead tooth and no infection.

Stage 2 is to open the tooth up again, check for infection, then fill the roots and seal it over again.

Now you have a non infected, root filled, dead tooth. This will become increasingly weak and prone to cracking and breaking over time, so

Stage 3 is to put a ceramic crown over the tooth.

A crown is a 2 stage (all going well) process. First the dentist takes a mould of your teeth. Then they grind away and upside down cup/glass shaped chunk of your tooth and take another mould. The first mould give the shape of the outside of the crown and the second give the shape of the inside. Then the dentist puts a temporary crown over this. In effect they use the dead tooth as the peg for the crown.

In some factory somewhere they make your new crown, you go back to the dentist, the take the temporary crown off and glue the new one on. Now you have a dead tooth peg supporting a really strong hard crown. You can still get problems at the joint between dead tooth and crown so you have to floss it.

Anway they are the options. Extraction is cheap and easy but leaves problems. Root canals and crowns are complicated and expensive but leave you will good working teeth.

You do want an expert in root canals to do yours. There are typically 4 roots in big teeth and the dentist needs to get tiny little drills down them.

Root canal or dental extraction? 7 years 4 months ago #23892

Few days ago my friend underwent root canal. She consulted to dentist Redondo Beach who performed it at affordable price. His work is very amazing as she felt very less pain. Will surely go there for my any dental problems.i
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