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Started my treatment today!! 7 years 5 months ago #19062

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evening forum,

please take note of my experience so far:

1) i am a recovering drug addict, heroin. clean now over 12 years. a fellow member told about the Hep C Trust here in london

2) i spoke to their helpline and they referred me to fixhepc. i registered and started reading all posts. i had lots of doubts on the bona fide of people. regardless of this i followed their advices (in the process gor some nasty messages from some indian producers/suppliers)

3) i knew my london doctor would have never written me a DAA script and therefore I booked an appointment with monkmed. before it i got hold of my blood results, viral load and all info needed. my doctor very helpful as well

4) had a phone appointment with doctor debasis. extremely nice man, poilite and professional. monkmed has a great little website where i booked date and paid online. they even sent me reminder of the appointment. all very well done

5) i spoke to tim several times, over the web. always ready to answer my queries

6) i got the money requested to buy three bottles of HEPCVIR L and made a bank transfer

7) this morning at 8am Fed Ex delivered my three bottles, an indian driver, which I took as a good omen

8) i took my first pill and went to train at the gym

tim and dr debasis wrote to me and tried calling me but line was very bad. hey were both enquiring about meds reception.

so far, and it is very early days, i couldn't be happier with the service i have received.

i am worried about the side effects and I hope i will be able to make it through. i have a tendency to make mountains out of mole hills so i am positive.

thank you again to all of you.
Rere S.
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Started my treatment today!! 7 years 5 months ago #19063

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Good for you! Sounds like you are in very good hands with MonkMed. They are a very reputable and trustworthy seller. I wouldn't worry too much about any side effects as most patients feel minimal sides. You're on generic Harvoni which is every bit effective as the real deal. These DAA's work differently than other drugs because their main focus is to stop and therefore kill the replication of that nasty ass HepC viral load we all been living with for all these years. You'll be fine. You may have a little bit of a headache every now and then and maybe a little bit of vision blurriness but it ain't nothing. Trust me, don't plan on feeling too much cause you shouldn't unless you're hyper sensitive. good luck!!

G1a dx'd in 1992, Biopsy F2 VL 8mill +. Tried tx with Interferon/Riba, back in 2008 didn't last long it felt horribly ugly!! I stopped tx, after 5 weeks!!
Started tx 6/1/16 with Harvoni.
12 Month Labs= UND
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Started my treatment today!! 7 years 5 months ago #19065

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  • Cured with generic DAAs. Hep C kills. Treat now!
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Great news Simone. Please keep us up to date!
Failed Interferon 96', G1a, VL = 9 - 5.5 Million, F3/A3, AST 111, ALT 190, Generic DAA treatment Sof/Led (Mylan - India MYHEP LVIR) - 8 June, 2016
2 Week Results 20 June, 2016 AST 19, ALT 32
4 Week Results 06 July, 2016 AST 22, ALT 30, VL = 35
6 Week Results 20, July 2016 VL only = HCV RNA Detected, Non-Quantifiable <15
8 Week Results 04 August 2016, Labs, LFTs Normal, VL = UND
12 Week Results 31 August, 2016 LFTs Normal, VL = UND
EOT + 4 Weeks, LFTs Normal, VL = UND, "SVR4"
SVR12, 21 Nov 2016. CURED!!!
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Started my treatment today!! 7 years 5 months ago #19072

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  • What a difference a year makes:)
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Welcome and well done for taking control of your treatment!

Monk Med are awesome:)
Sob/Dac from Oct 29 2015
Geno 1b
Fiberscan 9.9 Pre treatment
Fiberscan 7.4 week 10
VL 1.3 million pre treatment
Week 2.5 VL 96
Week 5.5 VL 17
Week 10 VL UD
All liver functions in normal ranges.
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Started my treatment today!! 7 years 5 months ago #19089

That's wonderful news simone!
Thanks for posting it. Looking forward to watching your progress.

GT1a; Got it some time in the 70's; Diagnosed @1976
Tx naive
SOT May 18, 2016: CMP: AST 162 ALT 241 VL 13000000
3 weeks after SOT: AST 27 ALT 31 VL 138
Reached EOT Aug. 10, 2016 / Received svr4 results Sept. 20, 2016: AST 22 ALT 24
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Started my treatment today!! 7 years 5 months ago #19114

Monk Med are awesome:)

Yep :+1:
GT1a Dec14 F2/8.7 VL 900000-2.5M
Jan16 Hepcivir-L MonkMed/Redemption
Baseline: VL 913575 Alt 76 Platelets low
Wk2 VL1157 Alt 23
DET Wk 8 VL 32 Alt19 'In the slow lane'
June16 Fibro 5.7 F0/1 LIF 1.5
Wk 11 VL<12 Alt 13 Det/Unq
Extending tx 12 wks Mylan Sofo/Dac MonkMed
Wk 14 VL <12 Det/Unq
Wk 22 + 4 Wks Sunprevir FixHepC
Wk 12 post tx SVR12 Wk 26 SVR24
Thank-you Tim, Dr Debasis @ MonkMed & Dr Freeman @ Fix HepC
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Started my treatment today!! 7 years 5 months ago #19120

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cheers Enrico hello
you have hepc
you are at fixhepc
this is the best place you could possibly be #flower #magic
gt 1a VL 6m
F2/3 FibroScan - 9KPa in 2011 and 7KPa in 2015
sof/dac 10 December for 12 weeks
pre tx alt 85 ast 51
4 wk alt 34 ast 31 UND <35
8 wk alt 29 ast 32 UND <15
12wk alt 25 ast 25 EOT 3.3.16
SVR24 UND KPa5.3 F0 in normal range
I am well
.forever grateful to fixhepc
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Started my treatment today!! 7 years 5 months ago #19124

  • beaches
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  • The life you save will be your own. START TREATMENT
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took Harvoni for 3 months.
My VL was very high.
Waiting on SVR12

Looks like I have cleared it (fingers crossed)
You should clear it too
Genotype 1a
Diagnosed in 2004, had HCV for all my adult life. Until 2016!!!!
Harvoni treatment, started 19 March 2016
4 week results Bilirubin 12 down from 14 pre treatment,
Gamma 25 down from 52, ALT 19 down from 63, AST 19 down from 47,
VL <15 down from a lazy 6 million or so

EOT Results
Bilirubin 10, GGT 18, ALT 19, AST 21, VL UND

12 Weeks post EOT
Bilirubin 11, GGT 16, ALT 22, AST 20, VL UND
Cured baby
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Started my treatment today!! 7 years 5 months ago #19144

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Hey Simone, you are in the right place. Similar story as you ex drug injector I have no health insurance (American) living in Asia. I just finished my fourth week of generic Sof/led and all liver functions have returned to normal. My reactions to the Meds have been fatigue and occasional headache. Just push through those times and they fade. Wish you all the best and see you on the other side. #flower #flower #flower
GT 1a
VL 4.9M
Since Late 60's
Meds Cipla SOF/LED
Start June 7, 2016
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Started my treatment today!! 7 years 4 months ago #19215

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Hi Enrico

I’m glad to hear that you have started your treatment. Thanks for honestly sharing your decision process.

I remember how sceptical you were … coming on the forum frequently asking a lot of questions … it must have seemed too good to be true to you … strangers on the other side of the world offering to deliver relatively inexpensive HCV DAAs to your door.

I hope that the abstract in the Journal of Hepatology, of Dr Freeman’s 2016 EASL presentation, that I posted helped to convince you that this is a legitimate HCV forum with bona fide generic cure paths.

For any other “guests” reading this and still remaining sceptical, as Enrico once was, you can read the above here:


I look forward to following your HCV treatment Enrico and celebrate with you when you reach SVR12.


1983: Hospitalised with Acute non-A, non-B Hepatitis after ICU blood transfusion 3mths earlier => HCV GT2
22/02/16: (pre-tmt) ALT 61, VL 2.48 IU/ml Hepascore 0.32 (F1/2), fatigue, brain fog, bloating (Treatment Naïve)
10/04/16: (Start tmt) Sofovir +DaclaHep (SOF + DCV) by Hetero Labs in India
09/05/16: ALT 34, VL: NOT Detected :cheer: :) , FBG 11.9 :huh:
17/6/16 FBG 5.7; PPBG (@14.22) 6.9 (@ 20.45) 7.1; BP 124/72
:) (Accu-Chek Mobile & Omron Auto BP Monitor) :)
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