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Privacy and Confidentiality 7 years 7 months ago #21136

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Hi All,

Just a quick reminder that while some people are "out" vis a vis their HCV status and treatment most are not.

As a doctor we are taught pretty early on to be really, really careful about patient confidentiality. Most "normal" people are quite used to more open conversations where people and stuff are referenced directly.

Could I ask that you take special care to:

1) Not disclose your real world name/social media profiles unless you want to do so
2) Be mindful that although somebody might have shared their details with you, that should be viewed as confidential to you alone unless that person indicates otherwise.
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Privacy and Confidentiality 7 years 7 months ago #21137

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Excellent reminder, Doc.

I have been a private and confident individual all my life
since I left home to go to college 45 years ago. Won't go
into the details, but people should be wary of the unknown
especially now. Before, no problem, but now with the
Interwebs, one has to be very careful with personal info.

Doc, how about doing this as a sticky for the newbies and
contracted Gen 1a in the 70's, dx in 2007...ast 27 to 35...alt 43 to 96...vl 1.2 mil to 8.6 mil.
biopsy F-2 (2012)..pre tx results 1/23/16 ast 32, alt 46, vl 3.1 mil
tx started 2/11/16.... lab results 2/24/16 ast 18, alt 18, vl <15 IU/ml
28 days later.............lab results 3/9/16 ast 21, alt 21, vl UND
56 days later.............lab results 4/6/16 ast 20, alt 22, vl UND
139 days later...........lab results 6/29/16 ast 28, alt 30, vl UND...EOT
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Privacy and Confidentiality 7 years 7 months ago #21166

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Thanks very much for posting this, Doc.

It's very easy to find someone on social media, especially if they use the same image on all platforms including this one (just saying). It's a bit disconcerting to find your words quoted on someone's FB page (just saying)
Genotype 1a
Diagnosed in 2004, had HCV for all my adult life. Until 2016!!!!
Harvoni treatment, started 19 March 2016
4 week results Bilirubin 12 down from 14 pre treatment,
Gamma 25 down from 52, ALT 19 down from 63, AST 19 down from 47,
VL <15 down from a lazy 6 million or so

EOT Results
Bilirubin 10, GGT 18, ALT 19, AST 21, VL UND

12 Weeks post EOT
Bilirubin 11, GGT 16, ALT 22, AST 20, VL UND
Cured baby
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