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Questions about going to Hobart to get the meds 7 years 11 months ago #13154

Hi Everyone!

Finally I got the cash to be able to afford the whole expenses to travel to Hobart and get the meds from Dr. Freeman Clinic.
But now I have to face the rest of the challenges to close the circle.
First, getting the visa to enter Australia, is not easy at all.
As a turist, it will be almost impossible. To many requirements. They just don't want risking getting another illegal alien going there to work under the table.

Perhaps a visa for medical reasons would be more suitable.
My credit card is valid only within Argentina. I own a nice 2014 Toyota car and have a donation from my mother of an apartment in the city of Buenos Aires, But not a job. My income comes from renting a property in Chile. I hold both citizenships. Argentinian and chilean. None of these countries allow importing the meds. So, travelling is my best choice.

So, resuming:

I got the money in cash for the whole thing.

I need ideas about how to get the visa. I wonder if a letter from Dr. Freeman, if possible, would open the door to make the Australian consulate granting me the visa.

How many days I'll have to stay in hobart to pick up the meds and take the flights back.

If there any affordable place to stay there at a walking distance from the Clinic? Hopefully with facilities to prepare my owns meals.

Thank you guys in advance for your kind replies. I feel that I'm almost at the doors of cure, but first I need to resolve this issues.


Julio, from Buenos Aires
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Questions about going to Hobart to get the meds 7 years 11 months ago #13156

Hi Puzzled,

I stayed at the Brunswick Hotel in Hobart which is in the centre of town on Liverpool Street. Its not a bad spot and reasonably priced too. I paid about $100 AUD per night for a double room there is a communal kitchen if you want to cook your own food and a 15 min walk away to Fix Hep C.

Once I found out from the buyers club when my meds were due I booked my flights which I allowed an extra day in Hobart just in case there was an unexpected delay. I stayed 3 nights, there was no delay in my meds arriving and me collecting them.

All the best you will enjoy Hobart is a nice wee spot.
SVR 24
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Questions about going to Hobart to get the meds 7 years 11 months ago #13157

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Hi Julio, I believe you could import meds to Chile with health department permission - this is from Greg Jefferys' website.
Also, it seems possible to import meds into Brazil, maybe you could arrange to have them sent to an address in say Brazil and pick them up there? (I am using the map on the Redemption trials page on this website.)
Sorry, can't advise you on getting an Australian visa.
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Questions about going to Hobart to get the meds 7 years 11 months ago #13159

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Wishing you good luck Julio to obtain your meds
Let us know how you go with it all
Lots of support here
Regards from
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Questions about going to Hobart to get the meds 7 years 11 months ago #13160

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Hello and welcome!

Gosh, its sounds awfully complicated in getting into Australia for you, I'm thinking the first option
is we look at shipping to a country closer too you that's cheap for you too travel into, if that's a no
go it may well be cheaper for you to fly direct to any number of countries am not sure of what type
of visa you'd need and would the cost be prohibitive.

Let me dig into this Ill post back in the next day or so.
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Questions about going to Hobart to get the meds 7 years 11 months ago #13209

How about the mail? Does the government open and inspect foreign small packages or envelopes? Would they be more likely to allow something from the US Postal Service to get through than one from Asia?
Surely there is a way to move to meds to you directly or somewhere nearby.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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1/14/16 Fin. Tx
7/07/16 UND SVR 24

Questions about going to Hobart to get the meds 7 years 11 months ago #13291


If you do decide to go to Hobart, you can stay at the Montecute Guesthouse at Battery Point. Best hostel anywhere, near Buyers Club and AU45. Great kitchen facility.

I went to Hobart to pick up the meds and traveled around Tasmania at the beginning of treatment. If you have the time and resources, it's a really amazing place. Good luck.
Diagnosed in 2000, Genotype 1(b), no previous treatment,
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Feb. 29
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May 26
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Didn't test for viral load. Will test is July at 12 weeks EOT

August 1
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