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Thoughts on combination therapy 8 years 3 months ago #14199

I'm a new guy living in Mexico and getting the Meds here is a real trick. I think because it borders the U S the prices are about the same. I received a quote from Mesochem and the med are on the way. I can't tell you how helpful Rachel has been and the price is so low. I have had Hep C G 2B since 1983 and am treatment naive. I'm going to start Sofosbuvir and Daclatisvir shortly. Would anyone comment on the use of ribaviran as well. My viral load is about 26,000,000 and have no symptoms to speak of. I am an F 4 on the fibrosure scale and have no cirrhosis.
You have no idea how glad I am to have found you.

Thoughts on combination therapy 8 years 3 months ago #14201

I live in mexico as well. In San Miguel de Allende. Did you go through the whole process of getting the drug importation forms filled out? If not, hopefully they skate past customs or they will get held up and basically be unobtainable. I had mine sent to the states and went up and got them. It is legal to enter the country with a script and meds and it is legal to import them, but to import them legally you need a special government form filled out. I got my fingers crossed for you!
HCV 35 yrs G1a F3 Tx naive
started Lesovir-C 15/12/2015
pre tx: VL 5,250,000 ALT 374 AST 208

4 weeks tx ALT 29/ AST 33. VL < 12 UI/mL
8 weeks tx ALT 29/ AST 34. VL UND
4 weeks after tx UND. SVR4. ALT 24/AST 18

Thoughts on combination therapy 8 years 3 months ago #14218

Welcome MB!
Great news!
I'm sure someone more qualified will answer your questions shortly.
Happy you found us.
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G 1a F-1
Started tx 10/23/15 (Meso sof & led) ALT 48 AST 28 v/l 1.6 mil
11/17/15 4 wk lab ALT 17 AST 16 <15
11/18/15 Started Harvoni
12/16/15 8 wk lab ALT: 15 AST: 13 V/l UND
1/14/16 Fin. Tx
7/07/16 UND SVR 24
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