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TOPIC: The power of one

The power of one 5 years 11 months ago #17401

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So you've probably noticed rohcvfighter has been doing some Romanian translations and local advocacy. I noticed that Romania now appears as the 8th most frequent country location for new visitors. Here's what it looks like over time:

Never doubt that you, as a single individual have the power to make a difference.

Over in the states fitz has been experimenting with posting stuff and over the last week the USA just overtook Australia as the most common visitor location.
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The power of one 5 years 11 months ago #17403

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Hi, doc!
I'm glad to see that Romania is one of the locations with most frequent visitors of your site. I am also romanian and I want to thank's for your sustined effort to promote generic hep c meds over the world. Thanks to the info that I read on your forum, on Greg's blog and killthedragon forum, I was able to help one of my friend to kill the virus with generics and save his liver.
I am also undetected, now after 12 weeks with Viekira Pack ...I am one of the "lucky" person with F4/chirrosis who benefit from the original drugs by our national healty care system, drugs that are inaccessible, in our country, to most infected people without that stage- f4/chirossis. For that people the generics are now the best and only alternative to save their lives...so thanks again for your fight!
All the best!
GT-1b, F4, last VL=632.000 (12.2015)
IFN+RBV '02-'03 (1yr), PegIFN+RBV '04 (3 mts.) - NR;
V-Pak+Riba for 12 weeks-2016;
EOT: 29.05.2016; GPT=20,5,GOT=20,7, VL= UND.
SVR12: 29.08.2016; UND.
SVR24: 15.12.2016; UND.
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The power of one 5 years 10 months ago #18710

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Giving a little bump to this thread. Just checked the email account from which I post PSA's, and in the inbox found a very warm, positive, and generous response - which I was not expecting since the PSA's I've been posting just tell folks where to find us here at the FixHepC.com/forum.

What a terrific surprise - I was thrilled! The individual who contacted me has been HCV positive for some time, is currently undergoing treatment in the US, with branded DAA's, and has offered to participate and help out here.

I told them a little bit about my story, and said "Come on over and join us". I sure hope they do!

Failed Interferon 96', G1a, VL = 9 - 5.5 Million, F3/A3, AST 111, ALT 190, Generic DAA treatment Sof/Led (Mylan - India MYHEP LVIR) - 8 June, 2016
2 Week Results 20 June, 2016 AST 19, ALT 32
4 Week Results 06 July, 2016 AST 22, ALT 30, VL = 35
6 Week Results 20, July 2016 VL only = HCV RNA Detected, Non-Quantifiable <15
8 Week Results 04 August 2016, Labs, LFTs Normal, VL = UND
12 Week Results 31 August, 2016 LFTs Normal, VL = UND
EOT + 4 Weeks, LFTs Normal, VL = UND, "SVR4"
SVR12, 21 Nov 2016. CURED!!!
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