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California attempting to legislate on drug pricing 7 years 11 months ago #18340

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The line in here that they are investigating if there is a market failure- well yes, there is, investigation shouldn't take long:

Genotype 3 30 years, 2x treatment interferon/ribavirin non responder. Cirrhosis 17 years. Fibroscan, decompensating, 40 down to 22 by 29/3/16- now down to 6.5, normal, no cirrhosis. Started Buyers Club Sof/Dac 14 Nov 15. SVR 12 29/0716
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California attempting to legislate on drug pricing 7 years 11 months ago #18341

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"Something is rotten in the State of Denmark"

William Shakespeare, Hamlet (1599 approx)
Diagnosed Jan 2015: GT3, A0+F0/F1. Fatigue + Brain-Fog.
Started Sof+Dac from fixHepC 10-Nov-2015. NO sides.
Pre-Tx: AST 82, ALT 133, Viral Load 1 900 000.
Week4: AST 47, ALT 58. VL < 15 (unquantifiable).
Week12 (EOT): AST 30, ALT 26, VL UND
Week16 (EOT+4): AST 32, ALT 28, GGT 24, VL UND
Week28 (EOT+16): AST 26, ALT 22, GGT 24, VL UND
Ever grateful to Dr James.

Relapsed somewhere after all that... Bummer!

Jan 2018: VL 63 000 (still GT3).
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California attempting to legislate on drug pricing 7 years 11 months ago #18345

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  • Cured with generic DAAs. Hep C kills. Treat now!
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Thank you for posting this Hazel. :) Way too much Big Pharma money in the pockets of California (and every other flavor of) legislators, I'm afraid.

That state's resources, like every other US state, are far too finite to support universal access to treatment at even a fraction of the (cough, cough) discounted rates.

So, the politicians will probably just glance around to make sure no one is looking, and stick the dirty money in their bottomless pockets as they always do. State and private Insurance companies will continue to waitlist everyone who is not at the very threshold of deaths door, raise rates to astronomical levels for tax payers and private payers, and the rate of new infection will continue to outstrip the rate of cure by several orders of magnitude.

If I sound a bit cynical it is because I am. I don't put a lot of faith in government, any government, because it is always bought and paid for by the highest bidder. If we do get a breakthrough here in the US, it is likely to occur in a poor state, or in a place like Vermont where the usual rules sometimes don't apply, or through the courts and the rulings of activist judges.

The real breakthrough for Americans, and everyone else in the world is happening right here and now, today, through you and I, through the work Dr. Freeman is doing day in and day out, and through the movement he has engendered worldwide. Its success is measured in lives redeemed from despair, breakthrough EOT and SVR results one after the other, cures and miracles which happen here on a daily basis, for all the world to see .... all in spite of Big Pharma, and their insatiably greedy lap dogs.

If we have learned anything from this journey it is that we must look to ourselves, and only to ourselves for the way forward. What is happening here in this place is unique upon the earth, and sooner or later (I fully believe), the entire world will take notice.
Failed Interferon 96', G1a, VL = 9 - 5.5 Million, F3/A3, AST 111, ALT 190, Generic DAA treatment Sof/Led (Mylan - India MYHEP LVIR) - 8 June, 2016
2 Week Results 20 June, 2016 AST 19, ALT 32
4 Week Results 06 July, 2016 AST 22, ALT 30, VL = 35
6 Week Results 20, July 2016 VL only = HCV RNA Detected, Non-Quantifiable <15
8 Week Results 04 August 2016, Labs, LFTs Normal, VL = UND
12 Week Results 31 August, 2016 LFTs Normal, VL = UND
EOT + 4 Weeks, LFTs Normal, VL = UND, "SVR4"
SVR12, 21 Nov 2016. CURED!!!
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