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FixHepC in India Times 7 years 7 months ago #19184

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Genotype 3 30 years, 2x treatment interferon/ribavirin non responder. Cirrhosis 17 years. Fibroscan, decompensating, 40 down to 22 by 29/3/16- now down to 6.5, normal, no cirrhosis. Started Buyers Club Sof/Dac 14 Nov 15. SVR 12 29/0716
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FixHepC in India Times 7 years 7 months ago #19185

I think that post came from Agent 86 lol
SVR 24
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FixHepC in India Times 7 years 7 months ago #19187

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  • Vindecat de HCV cu med. generice. Cured with generics HCV drugs.
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Hi Hazel,
Thank you for the article.

I noticed a trend lately, for people who represent the HCV patients or are working in such environments, to express "their worries" because people buy HCV drugs from the internet.
To me this simply means politics and empty words, as it creates a weak pressure to change in good the current status quo of treatment options for the HCV patients.

I believe that "action" is the key element. "Being worried" means to stay passive and hope that somebody else will "do" something. I am wondering why none of such people is taking the initiative to actually propose a change, like compulsory licensing, information campagne of the vital news that HCV generic medication is effective or any other idea that will lead to an action in the real benefit of HCV patients.

Now I go a little bit to what I observed in Romania (but perhaps it applies in other countries as well): there is too much focus in the medical world and various patients associations on the screening and diagnosis of HCV patients and this "focus" is presented as the key for eradicating HCV. That's unfortunately only a part of the problem. The unsolved part of the problem is "how the patients will be treated?". Waiting for a treatment is no solution, treating less people than the number of those who get infected is inefficient.
Erradicating HCV is like a chain of operations where its strength is given by the weakest ring:
- prevention
- diagnosis
- treatment
The bottle neck effect happens on the last ring "treatment" and the erradication of HCV may happen only through mass treatment of people. Erradicating HCV should imply no step by step approach, rather acting simultaneously on all 3 stages from above.

Perhaps I missed some details, but in simple terms, this is what I think it should happen for a world free of HCV.

Every person knowing about the efficiency of HCV generic medication and every person being cured by it has the power to act. The simple information/knowledge sharing is a real force that may change things in better. Let's not forget about this force and use it.

In fiecare an HCV ucide peste 500000 oameni.Medicamentele generice pentru hepatita C functioneaza. Nu deveni statistica! Cauta pe Google “medicamente generice pentru hepatita C”.
HCV kills more than 500000 people every year. HCV generic drugs work. Don't become a statistic.
By sharing this Youtube video you might save someone’s life!
My TX: HEPCVIR-L[generic Harvoni]-India
SVR52 achieved
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FixHepC in India Times 7 years 7 months ago #19191

The Internet has proven to be a "two edged sword" when it comes to medicinal products. On one hand, yes, people can be seduced by scams. On the other, in depth research can be as close as one's cell phone. I searched long and hard for ANY negative comments or articles about Mesochem products. I found nothing. In this day and age, that is amazing. I went with my "gut" instincts, online research and advice from people I trusted and believed in.
Forever grateful to Dr. James and Greg.
The keys: Supply chain integrity and a reputable source.
Mike Galbraith
SVR 24
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G 1a F-1
Started tx 10/23/15 (Meso sof & led) ALT 48 AST 28 v/l 1.6 mil
11/17/15 4 wk lab ALT 17 AST 16 <15
11/18/15 Started Harvoni
12/16/15 8 wk lab ALT: 15 AST: 13 V/l UND
1/14/16 Fin. Tx
7/07/16 UND SVR 24
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