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The miracle of drinking lots of water 8 years 2 weeks ago #17172

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Hi Ariel

Good advice!

Drinking plenty of water is the key.

You are the first that I've noticed commenting on gums.

I've noticed that my gums have been bleeding more often after I clean my teeth ... and two of my back molars have become sensitive to cold food and drink ... could be a coincidence ... I remember reading somewhere that we all should have a dental check-up before commencing DAA treatment ... but can't remember if that only applied if you were to take Ribavirin.

:P :P :)
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The miracle of drinking lots of water 8 years 2 weeks ago #17229

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GT2 my teeth /gums were trashed during peginf. I only did that tx around three years ago-ish and it had a lot of issues...teeth was kinda the least annoying only b/c the other things were so vile, but yes of course my mouth then tasted like aluminium etc like chemo drugs etc...anyway my gums were tender also throughout DAA tx too, and they were not in between peginf and now... and seem to still be quite vulnerable. No reason I can really come up with except that the old hassles from peginfriba were re-triggered. Soft tissues seem to be inflamed in people...read of sinus, throat etc on others DAA tx blogs... guessing it will eventually settle again. And yes, lets drink to water, it is the new black :) Have a great day, Ariel.
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