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The 9th Paris Hepatitis Conference took place this week (Jan 11-12):


The keynote question was How to Improve Access to Therapy?


You can see some videos here:


Also, many of the slides are available on-line:


As you might expect, it is mostly rather "medical", but there are some interesting stats and web links about treatment criteria in different countries in the talk by Antonio Craxi:


But unless I am mistaken, nobody mentioned generics...?

Diagnosed Jan 2015: GT3, A0+F0/F1. Fatigue + Brain-Fog.
Started Sof+Dac from fixHepC 10-Nov-2015. NO sides.
Pre-Tx: AST 82, ALT 133, Viral Load 1 900 000.
Week4: AST 47, ALT 58. VL < 15 (unquantifiable).
Week12 (EOT): AST 30, ALT 26, VL UND
Week16 (EOT+4): AST 32, ALT 28, GGT 24, VL UND
Week28 (EOT+16): AST 26, ALT 22, GGT 24, VL UND
Ever grateful to Dr James.

Relapsed somewhere after all that... Bummer!

Jan 2018: VL 63 000 (still GT3).
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