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Healey questions legality of Sovaldi pricing: 7 years 4 months ago #9895

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CW Magazine CommonWealthMag ·
Healey questions legality of Sovaldi pricing: Says hepatitis C drug cost may be unfair trade practice

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Healey questions legality of Sovaldi pricing: 7 years 4 months ago #10166

Great article LondonGirl,

This is the problem with the USA

She is writing this based upon her job as an Attorney General, who has to work with the corrupt American system. She would never mention generic versions available abroad. She could find herself out of a job if she did.

The really, really messed up thing in America is that right now, people can import generic versions of these meds, and no one is telling the people. The media is evil and corrupt in USA. I bet most people affected would jump at the chance to spend $2K and be cured! But in the news, all people discuss is how wrong it is that Gilead charges 94K for treatment, and very few people get treated. People need to wake up! Forget this nonsense and save yourself while you still have a chance!

Gov. Baker makes a really silly, misleading statement. In the USA, everyone is only "jawboning" Gilead.

The reason the rest of the world has been successful is not because of jawboning: It's because they said "If you are going to charge this much, we are not going to recognize your patent". So Gilead, realizing that meant $15 a pill generic Harvoni, decided to play ball. Unless the USA is going to threaten the same, which will never happen, Gilead is going to stand their ground at $94K

The TPP just got signed. Once the American Congress ratifies this, I expect it will become very difficult to import these meds to USA, unless you lie. I imported Twinvir (Sof/Led) and declared it with a prescription, and it sailed right through customs. When TPP is ratified, Sof/Led is going to mean Harvoni, which is patent protected in USA. Customs will likely be forced to stop shipment.

Get your meds now!! Once TPP is ratified, you may have to wait to get sick before treatment is available.
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