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Become public with HepC, to support others / Remove stigmatizat 6 years 11 months ago #24973

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I have posted this on my FB profile a few days ago and have received a lot of inquiry from people who did not show that this was an option to even buy their HepC medicine

If you have Hepatitis C and are not "ill enough" for treatment in Denmark
Give yourself a chance and read this:
My own story with Hepatitis C.
Hospital inspection for 12 years:
I was tested in 2004 and was told I had hepatitis C.
The treatment offered was at the time of interferon, and I thanked me very nicely because of the many side effects and that the chance that the HepC virus disappeared was only about 40 - 50 percent, that figure was far too low until I wanted treatment and treatment would last 48 weeks.
Has gone to control Skejby Hospital one to twice a year
Since 2004

New medicine for the treatment of HepC:
A doctor told me in 2013 that there was new medicine on my way and I was looking forward to getting the new medicine offered.
The new medicine for the treatment of HepC came in 2014, but my liver is not "sick enough" until I could be offered treatment. I get the same response from doctors, come back in a year to "check"

New possibilities:
I read a "coincidence" online in the fall of 2016, about one who had bought his HepC medicine in India himself.
I decided to contact him.
He told me his course and that he no longer had any viruses. I got hope
He told that treatment only took 12 weeks and there were few side effects and the chance to stay without Hepatitis C virus was about 95 - 98 percent.
I therefore decided to buy my HepC medicine myself, got hope:

He gave the mail address of the person he had bought his HepC medicine.
I sent an email and waited for answers. It did not take many hours, so I heard from the stranger in India.
He would like to help me, he offered to send HepC medicine to England or I could also travel to India. He told that it was legal to send the medicine to England and that it was illegal to send HepC medicine from India and directly to Denmark.

Blood samples & order HepC medicine:
I got an appointment with Skejby Hospital to hear if they would monitor (take a blood test during treatment) That said yes to the same day I ordered the medicine from India, it arrived at a friend in London on December 23, 2016, the best Christmas present To myself for many years, I cry for joy.
To London:
I traveled to London the first weekend of this year, lawfully bringing my HepC medicine back to Denmark.

The treatment starts on January 19, 2017:
On January 19th I took my first pill, first blood test after 4 weeks
- VIRUS UNDETECTED could not believe it ... but it was true, tears ran down the cheeks of relief, the genetic HepC medicine I bought from India worked
The treatment ends on April 12, 2017:
Blood test same day VIRUS UNDETECTED
Blood test 12 weeks after treatment ended 5 July 2017 VIRUS UNDETECTED (The Danish health system has now declared me healed / fast)

After treatment:
I have gotten that much better, much more energy, much better sleep, generally better well-being.
Buy HepC Medicine:
Helps you with information where your HepC medication can be purchased by a reliable seller in India.
HepC medicine can be sent to Denmark via England legally:
Under the following conditions:
1 / HepC medicine is for personal use (disease control)
2 / Is purchased legally
3 / Max to 3 months and the package includes a receipt for the purchase and the recipes.
What is HepC medicine cost for you who are not "sick enough"
The price of HepC medicine is between about 6,500 - 8,100 kr. (Depends on which genotype you have)
The chance that the virus will not return is approx. 96- 98 percent.
- The medicine works and most people have few side effects, which can be headaches, fatigue.

(Finally tells me in my post about a closed group like I've created a social media and that everyone would like to share my post)
Probably infected 30 years ago Genotype: 1a
Fibroscan 4,8 - 18 january 2017
Virus in the blood 18 January 2017 10.400000 / Alat 102
Started treatment January 19, 2017
Feb.15 - Alat 76 - virus: UNDETECTED
March 15 - Alat 34 - virus UNDETECTED
April 12 - Alat 40 Asat 34 - virus UNDETECTED / Taking the last pill
May 10 SVR4 - Alat 36 -virus UNDETECTED
July 5 SVR12 - Fibroscan 3,8 Alat 39 - virus UNDETECTED
Sep. 27 SVR24 - ALAT 24- virus UNDETECTED
Marts 14 - 2018 SVR48 - ALAT 26- virus UNDETECTED
The following user(s) said Thank You: DrJames, Chapel, coral, Gaj, rohcvfighter, Sven, Donna, 2bornot2b, Iain, Mnem
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