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which generic 7 years 10 months ago #2628

Could you please share which genotype whıch generic you use and what is your starting HCVRNA and day 14 result. İf we share this may be we clear the confusion about new generics coming day by day.

which generic 7 years 10 months ago #2662

I want to use twinvir but there is not enough shared and experinced patient in this forum

which generic 7 years 10 months ago #2663

What genotype are you?

Twinvir works well for types 1a, 1b, 2 and 4 ... not quite so good with type 3.
Twinvir is from Incepta from Bangladesh.
Incepta also has Hopetavir (sofosbuvir), and the new Virodacla (daclatisvir)
The sof/dac combo is better for type 3 and works very well across all genotypes.

which generic 7 years 10 months ago #2664

Hi Nuribeslen - Twinvir is a new drug, there are quite a few patients sharing their treatment experiences on this forum now, although sometimes not in the same place so will involve some reading.
I believe the Redemption Trials have been set up for this reason and will provide more detailed answers hopefully.
I guess you can't get the results without waiting for patients to finish their treatments.
GT1a Dec14 F2/8.7 VL 900000-2.5M
Jan16 Hepcivir-L MonkMed/Redemption
Baseline: VL 913575 Alt 76 Platelets low
Wk2 VL1157 Alt 23
DET Wk 8 VL 32 Alt19 'In the slow lane'
June16 Fibro 5.7 F0/1 LIF 1.5
Wk 11 VL<12 Alt 13 Det/Unq
Extending tx 12 wks Mylan Sofo/Dac MonkMed
Wk 14 VL <12 Det/Unq
Wk 22 + 4 Wks Sunprevir FixHepC
Wk 12 post tx SVR12 Wk 26 SVR24
Thank-you Tim, Dr Debasis @ MonkMed & Dr Freeman @ Fix HepC

which generic 7 years 10 months ago #2671

Twinvir works very well for the Genotypes mentioned above. There are many on other forums who have confirmed this.
Treatment naive
F 3/4
Genotype 1 a & b
Started Harvoni 11th Dec 2015 for 12 weeks
4 weeks VL UND
6 WEEKS ALT 32, AST 34
EOT 03/03 2016 ! UND
ALT 34, AST 26
04.04.2016 SVR 4
26.05.2016 SVR 12
16.08.2016 SVR 24
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