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Can we extend Hepatitis C cure to Hepatitis B?

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Can we extend Hepatitis C cure to Hepatitis B? ICE-HBV

The new drugs that cure Hepatitis C are great but what people often forget is that they are our first-ever cure for a virus. It used to be thought that curing Hepatitis B was a pipedream but this breakthrough with Hep C has reinvigorated the search for not just new treatments for Hep B but a functional cure.

The attached presentation was made by ICE-HBV - the International Coalition to Eliminate Hepatitis B Virus and is well worth a read for those people with an interest in this disease.

It's fantastic to see researchers working towards the goal of seeing not only Hepatitis C eliminated but also Hepatitis B eliminated.

You can download the ICE-HBV presentation here.

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