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Blood tests on Week 2 6 years 6 months ago #24377

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Hi Elena,

I got treated with Sof+Led, in my case the side efects were minimal.
If you wish to read my story, have a lok here:

I hope it helps you in making the right choices ;-),

I wish you good luck and good health,

In fiecare an HCV ucide peste 500000 oameni.Medicamentele generice pentru hepatita C functioneaza. Nu deveni statistica! Cauta pe Google “medicamente generice pentru hepatita C”.
HCV kills more than 500000 people every year. HCV generic drugs work. Don't become a statistic.
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My TX: HEPCVIR-L[generic Harvoni]-India
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Blood tests on Week 2 6 years 6 months ago #24384

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Elena wrote: Thank you, all!

I have red some articles related to the side effects of this combo Sov+Led, and they are a bit concerning... Did you hear or experience any really bad side effects?

Hi Elena,

I don't know which articles you have read but please keep in mind that the overwhelming majority of people on forums will treat, have few sides, reach SVR and move on with their lives rarely posting afterwards. However this does mean that the few who do experience stronger sides appear to be more highly represented than is actually the case.

It is worth keeping in mind that many HCV patients are in their 50-60s and have had this virus for many years. Reaching SVR will prevent further damage by the virus but may not totally repair damage already present and won't stop the natural ageing process. That any of these issues occur around the same time as treatment doesnt necessarily mean they are an effect of the medication so any health concerns during and post treatment should be discussed with a doctor. Here is a link to some previous comments about side effects from Dr Freeman that you may find useful: fixhepc.com/forum/daa-side-effects/1324-...e-effects.html#21969

Regarding shortening your treatment, while it is true that Harvoni has been approved for 8 week treatments in low viral load patients like yourself it does still give lower results in those patients than treating for the full 12 weeks. Assuming that your sides have been tolerable so far ? my recommendation, like the others, is to complete the full course of treatment, this will give yourself the very best opportunity to achieve SVR and not require retreatment.
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SVR24 - 26/10/17 UND
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Blood tests on Week 2 6 years 5 months ago #24785

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Week 8: still undetectable!!! No side effects, only some muscles pain...
Thanks for the time you took to answer me! :)
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Blood tests on Week 2 6 years 5 months ago #24786

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brilliant news #love
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