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PBS Listing - Some Tears In Heaven

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They (who are they anyway) say, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

If you are GT1 or GT3 then the PBS looks like it is going to come through for you (and that is 90% of all patients), however if you're GT2 then your only option is Sofosbuvir +Ribavirin and if you're GT4 GT5 or GT6 then you're still looking at Interferon and Ribavirin + Sofosbuvir.

Here is the draft of the Australian HCV-DAA-Protocols that are in circulation and happened to appear in my email.

You can see what they mean for you using our beta Decision Support Tool - just put in your details to see what options are going to be offered (assuming there are no changes between now and then). At the moment the AASLD and EASL guidelines have not been added, but the PEG/Rib free option implements a subset of them.

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