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Here is why the VA (US Government) owns sofosbuvir

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In the beginning God created heaven and earth. Dr Schinazi created PSI-6130



This work was supported in part by NIH grants 5R37-AI-041980, 4R37-AI-025899, 5P30-AI-50409 (CFAR), and RR000165 (to Harold M. McClure) and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

R. F. Schinazi is the principal founder and a former director of Pharmasset, Inc. He is also a major shareholder of Pharmasset, Inc., and Idenix Pharmaceuticals

Now PSI-7851 comes directly from the development of PSI-6130

PSI-7977 (aka Sofosbuvir) is the active metabolite of PSI-7851 so is also directly related to PSI-6130...

So the baby (invention) was born from NIH and VA grant money and was created by someone who was 7/8 time employed by the US Government.

So what you say?

Executive Order 10096, issued by President Harry S. Truman in 1950, I say.

The main section of the executive order provides that the government shall obtain all rights to any invention made by an employee if any one of the following conditions applies: the invention is made during working hours; the invention is made using either government facilities, equipment, etc., or is made with the help of another government employee who is on official duty; or the invention relates to the official duties of the inventor.

So what did Dr Schinazi do in 2007-2010 and what were his "official duties"?

This document indicates he was employed by the VA as a research chemist and did indeed make the invention in relation to "the official duties of the inventor" as in on government time, in a government lab.....

The research presented in this dissertation was performed in the Laboratory of Biochemical Pharmacology (LOBP) at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center/Emory University. LOBP is a drug discovery and preclinical drug development laboratory directed by Dr. Raymond F. Schinazi.

Developed in the 1/8 non government time. This is fantasy, fiction, and BS.

Developed on the government ticket. Owned by the US government.

Brilliant, breakthrough and stellar but not done independently.

And it is all documented.
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