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PBS Pricing - Take a deep breath....

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So I guess like a lot of people I've been wondering how good a deal the PBS negotiated.

Last week I heard that a major public hospital had ordered 10 lots for $66,000 but thought that must be wrong.

Given the pharmacists have to order these medications I came up with the cunning plan of asking one. The prices were not available earlier in the week, but they are now.

Make of it what you will but the $22 k per month price for Harvoni looks like exactly the same as the price France and Germany negotiated and would allow 15,000 people to be treated for $1 billion.


Here is a list of the three medications and the quotes from our suppliers. I did some further investigation after our phone call and found that the prices on the websites were completely wrong. I called the suppliers and got the correct quote. As such, I have not attached any screen shots - as these would be very misleading!

  • Daklinza 60mg 28 tablets- $7,736.30
  • Harvoni 90/400mg 28 tablets- $22,135.00
  • Sovaldi 400mg 28 tablets- $19,367.00
Stock for Daklinza is available for order, and so we can have this within 24 hours of ordering.

Stock for Harvoni and Sovaldi are not available with our suppliers yet, but they have ordered it - and so hopefully it isn't too far away (but they could not give me an ETA).

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask either myself or J.

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