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Sound Therapy for Tinnitus

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Perhaps it's age, perhaps it's Hep C, perhaps it's the medication. Whatever the reason, the reality is quite a few people with Hep C have issues with tinnitus. A friend of mine called Davo had this issue and resorted to Google where he found an Australian company called "Sound Therapy International". Lucky it was him, rather than me, as I tend to think anyone who calls them self International is about as "International" as the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is "Democratic". Anyway, I digress.

As a doctor I know we don't have a lot to offer drugs or surgery wise to help patients with tinnitus, so when he told me that it's 

  1. Not that expensive (not sure I agree on that one)
  2. Has reduced his tinnitus to such an extent it's pretty much gone
  3. Has had other benefits around sleep and general well being

He had my attention because Davo is rather inclined to call it as he sees it, and not prone to sugar coating stuff.

So, it's a case study of 1, and your results may differ.

It's also not cheap in that the basic package is $699 AUD ($500 USD) which seems quite a lot to pay for a few books, some headphones and what is essentially an MP3 player.

That said the results are currently 100% (1/1) (95% Confidence Interval 2.5-100%) so if you suffer from this debilitating problem maybe it's worth a try?

It's not one of the affiliate things where we ask you to tell them we sent you so we can collect a commission, but if you do decide to give it a try I'd be really interested to hear your results. It would be interesting to know how well this actually works and it seems reasonably common with HCV.

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