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2B HERE 6 years 4 months ago #25479

I was referring to my doctor (hepatologist ) here in Portland area. Lol. Not sure if he's an international expert or not, but I sure hope so!
I am decompensated with cirrhosis. My dumb luck as well!
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2B HERE 6 years 4 months ago #25483

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Hi HCV2B, thankyou for explaining about your Portland area Doc :)
G2, infected maybe in 1971?
Diagnosed HVnon-A non-B 1980s, revised to HVC 1990's.
Treatment naive. Fibroscan & bloods all normal ranges.
Viral load 7million,
began Redemption trial4, 12-week generic Sof/Vel (Incepta) 2017. Week 4 UND, Week 12UND, SVR24
Thank-yous to my doctor for the script, to Jan at FixHepC for wrangling, and to Dr Freeman for courage.
Kia kaha e hoa ma!
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2B HERE 6 years 4 months ago #25486

LOL, I had a lot more written there but there must be a letter limit or something. It all just disappeared when I sent it. Guess I'll go type in my code now so I can send this , and then it's time for sleep. Good night
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2B HERE 6 years 4 months ago #25488

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I also find an iPhone awkward. Too small and fiddly. If you have an iPad or tablet that you can hot spot to your phone it makes things much easier. But here are some suggestions that may help:

- When you want to Login, make sure you go to the forum page first rather than starting with the screen that requires “Captcha” code.
- Log in from there using your user name (HVC2B) and your password.
- Tick the “Remember Me” square - this will help ensure that when your iPhone and the site disconnect in the middle of a session, they will automatically reconnect again.
- Type up long posts on the “Notes” app on your phone then when happy with it copy and paste into a forum post.

Hoping that helps another iPhone fumbler like me. ;)
G3a since '78 - Dx '12 - F4 (2xHCC)
24wk Tx - PEG/Riba/Dac 2013 relapsed
24wk Tx - Generic Sof/Dac/Riba 2015/16 relapsed
16wk Tx - 12/01/17 -> 03/05/17 NS3/NS5a + Generic Sof
SVR7 - 22/06/17 UND
SRV12 - 27/07/17 UND
SVR24 - 26/10/17 UND
:cheer: :cheer: :cheer:
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2B HERE 5 years 3 months ago #27508

Hi everyone! guess we share the same genotype. Back in 1997, when I first got the HCV bug, I knew that I could not afford the Peg-Intron standard of treatment at that time with its 47% average cure rate. So, I decided to wait until a cheaper and hopefully a more effective cure was to be found. My life coasted along until I began to feel far worse symptoms in 2016. I was so depressed and I thought that my life was spiraling towards its end. But hope glimmered when I stumbled on the internet news about a non-injectable HCV medicine that promised more than 90% cure rate - the DAAs were emerging.

Now, it's 2018 and I am SVR24 and even more... I would like to think that I am also at this time, SVR48! I really pray that I am really cured and that it is permanent and definite. No late relapse.

I have also changed my lifestyle that I no longer drink alcohol and watch my food intake. I shun meat (I still eat fish and seafood though) opting instead for veggies. Hope to lead a clean and spiritual life with my extended years.

Truly wishing you Happy Holidays. God is good and He is great!
Diagnosed HCV 9/97
4/21/16 Echosense Fibroscan 13.2 kPa & CAP 349 dB/m
5/3/16 Genotype as 2b : 5/16/16 viral load 21.5M iu/ml

1st Treatment: 6/6/16 Sovaldi sofosbuvir + Rebetol ribavirin 16 weeks ending 9/25/16.
HCV undetected 7/11/16 & 10/3/16.
Relapsed 2/25/17 : Viral load 4/5/17=42.2M iu/ml

2nd Treatment: 7/11/17 MyHep sofosbuvir + MyDekla daclatasvir + Copegus ribavirin 24 weeks ending 12/25/17
HCV undetected 8/17/17 & 1/8/18 & 4/10/18 SVR12!
6/11/18 SVR24!
Fibroscan 7.0 kPa & CAP 351 db/m

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2B HERE 5 years 3 months ago #27509

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Hello TwoBee, thanks for sharing your Hep C story and congratulations on your SVR 24, that's really awesome. Don't worry, once you're SVR 24, there won't be a relapse, please see this post from yesterday by Dr James Freeman for a more thorough explanation fixhepc.com/forum/new-to-forum/1748-need...html?start=120#27503 Sounds like you're really taking care of your health after getting cured, that's excellent, enjoy your Hep C free life, and happy holidays.
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