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Hello 6 years 6 months ago #25325

I am here seeking help in finding a viable cure for my fathers HCV.

He is now in the stages of sever leg swelling and its hard to see him in such discomfort. It would seem his insurance will not cover treatment. He is looking into getting assistance for Harvoni. I'm doing all I can to find plan b if worse comes to worse and hes denied.

I've since recently discovered the generic version of Sovaldi (Sofosbuvir) called Myhep LVIR produced by Mylan, a pharmaceutical company based in India.

My question is, is there any truth to this drug and/or ill side effects or concerns? My other question, as a us citizen, how would I acquire this drug legally and legitimately (preferably online but willing to travel to India if need)? My last question, will doctors still monitor his progression despite taking generic?

Thank you and bless you all

If there's a better sub-forum to ask this question, please tell me as I could use all the help I can get. Again, thank you
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Hello 6 years 6 months ago #25326

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Greetings FindingTheCure.

Feel free to browse around the website and forums for information, but if you would like to send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. they will be more than happy to assist with your inquiries.
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Hello 6 years 6 months ago #25327

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Hi, you have come to the right place, I was cured with meds through this site, and I have seen thousands do it. Yes, generics are identical, and a fraction of the price- basically same meds different box. As I understand it, sometimes is cheaper than co-pay and there is no waiting- it is your right to do it. I was really sick, lucky I didn't have to wait any longer. This forum has lots of people's stories and media about it all etc. You can look us all up on google, we are who we say we are, and that is reassuring because it is a leap. Emailing Iain as above is the best way to find out more.
Genotype 3 30 years, 2x treatment interferon/ribavirin non responder. Cirrhosis 17 years. Fibroscan, decompensating, 40 down to 22 by 29/3/16- now down to 6.5, normal, no cirrhosis. Started Buyers Club Sof/Dac 14 Nov 15. SVR 12 29/0716
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Hello 6 years 6 months ago #25328

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Hello FindingTheCure,
You have come to the right place. The majority of us on this forum were either cured through FixHepC, or are well on our way. I first came here as a seeker too.

:idea: To fix your father you need to know the HCV subtype and level of liver fibrosis.
:idea: Sofosbuvir needs to be used in combination with another drug to effect cure.

As both Hazel and Iain say, take a look around this site. Ask questions too if you like. Or you could go straight to the oracle and contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In my case I called FixHepC and spoke with them. That was now almost a year ago. Once I had all my test results from my doctor and the prescription, I ordered my treatment via this site. Within a few weeks it was delivered to my home. For less that $2K I freed myself from the HVC that had plagued my existence since youth. If I am lucky I will enjoy as many years of HVCless life as those I spent under its pall.

Looking back it's hard to understand my previous hesitation to obtain generics. For me, leaving behind the burden of prejudice that I lived with as an HVC carrier is the greatest relief. Destroying the virus has given me great hope for my future.

With my best wishes, Mnem *(*
G2, infected maybe in 1971?
Diagnosed HVnon-A non-B 1980s, revised to HVC 1990's.
Treatment naive. Fibroscan & bloods all normal ranges.
Viral load 7million,
began Redemption trial4, 12-week generic Sof/Vel (Incepta) 2017. Week 4 UND, Week 12UND, SVR24
Thank-yous to my doctor for the script, to Jan at FixHepC for wrangling, and to Dr Freeman for courage.
Kia kaha e hoa ma!
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Hello 6 years 6 months ago #25335

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Hi FindingTheCure,

Congratulations on finding the best place to seek help for your father. I am also one of the thankful people who is now cured after carrying the HepC virus for decades.

My cure started with a newspaper article, followed by a visit to this site and then an appointment with Dr James Freeman at GP2U (an online medical service) via Skype. Dr Freeman is a world expert on Hep C and the founder of this site. He was my doctor for the duration of the treatment via Skype. My medication was ordered through FixHepC and delivered to my door.

FixHepC can help you with your queries about legally accessing the medication. The generics are a fraction of the cost charged by the large pharmaceutical companies but are exactly the same.

You asked about side effects? Generally people have very minimal side effects and this has been the joy of these new treatments compared to the old regimes. The most common side effects seem to be headaches and sleeplessness.

I know this seems too good to be true and a little skepticism in the beginning is normal but this is the very best, most supported, legal way that your father can get the medication that he needs to be cured of this virus.

Good luck. Keep us posted.

Coral #flower
G1a probably early 1980's, Biopsy F1(2010), F2-F3(2015). VL 5+mill; 2+mill (2014) Tx naive. Accessed Sof/Led through Dr Freeman at GP2U and Buyers Club (lifesavers!!!)
Commenced tx 12/11/15. 9 wk: VL <15 Detected but LFT = Normal 12 week results: UND (Yay!) Due to slow response commenced Sof/Dac 4 Feb for 12 weeks. EOT @ 24 weeks 27 April 2016. (With thanks to Dr Freeman et al). SVR11 result: VL 1,950,000. It's back!
New tx 030916 (Viekira Pak, Solvadi, Ribavirin UND @ 111116. EOT 170217.
SVR12 and SVR 24
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