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Patients in USA need to act now to cure via Generic Medication 6 years 11 months ago #23928

The window is still open for importation of meds, either by Redemption trials or Incepta pharmaceuticals (for sure) or other vendors. For Incepta, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. This is your chance to cure yourself, before Trump or Ryan block access to these medications. One bribe to these bastards, and you are screwed! I sound like a lunatic for your benefit. Understand I am cured, and have no financial benefit here. I want you to be cured.

Maybe 10 years from now you can still get these meds, but maybe 1 week from now access is blocked. Also, please understand with Hep C, you can go from F0 to F4 and complete liver failure in a matter of months. If you know you have Hep C, the time to treat is today, Contact Dr. Freeman or Dr. Devsam. Make an appointment for consultation at www.GP2U.com. It's a very reasonable price. They will give you a prescription that can be used in Bangladesh and I believe in India too
Gt 1a, F0, VL 6.5 million, AST 59, ALT 62
Started Twinvir 1/15/16
6 wk. labs VL UND, AST 27, ALT 20
EOT labs VL UND, AST 23, ALT 19
SVR 16, VL UND, AST 28, ALT 17
SVR 24 , VL UND, 10/8/16
SVR 125, VL UND, 9/22/18
SVR 230, VL UND, 10/3/20
The following user(s) said Thank You: DrJames, coral
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