• You too can be  free of Hep C now
    You too can be free of Hep C now

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FixHepC helps patients access the new medications which cure Hepatitis C with high success rates and minimal side effects for under $1500. In most countries, patients have a legal right to import medication for their own use. We guide you through this unfamiliar process so you can quickly, safely and efficiently get these medications delivered to your door, secure in the knowlege you are getting high quality treatment at an affordable price.

Your body does not typically need supplements. A normal diet consisting of a variety of foods is sufficient.

While most supplements will be harmless, and will not interact with your medications, they have not been studied, so we recommend you do not take them during treatment.

If you insist, take them at the opposite end of the day to the time you take your medication.

Please use the drug interaction checker here to check anything you are taking, or plan to take will not interact with your treatment.

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Why patients trust FixHepC

Expert Doctors

  • Our doctors have been treating patients with generic version of the new direct acting antivirals since they became available back in 2014.

Delivery Guarantee

  • We offer a money back delivery guarantee so if  your medications can not be successfully delivered  your money will be refunded.

High Success Rates

  • Our results have been presented internationally at EASL, AASLD & CROI and match expectations for 90%+ cure rates.

Track Record

  • We have been doing this since 2014 and you can Google us in any language you like – we do exactly what we say.

Social Proof

  • Our patient forum has over 3000 members who have been documenting their treatment in real time over the last 3 years.

Follow Up

  • We help patients every step of the way and in the unlikely event of treatment failure can and do help with retreatment.

FixHepC In The Media

There has been a lot of scientific and mainstream media coverage. Here is a sample (just click the icon)

Delivery Guarantee

If we can't...

  • FixHepC holds your money in trust to facilitate payments related to your personal medication importation.

deliver your order...

  • In the event that successful delivery can not be achieved, patients using the service will receive a full refund.

you get a 100% refund

  • Read the fine print in our delivery guarantee for full details, which as you will see is very brief.

Are You A Fixer?

It seems to us that there are really only 3 types of people in the world...

See no evil

  • Some people simply don't see the problem. If you don't see a problem with unaffordable medicines please read on.

Speak no evil

Do no evil

  • A rare few people not only see the problem, but they also resolve to do something to about it. We call these people fixers.

If you are not one of the rare fixer type personalities, please read on. If you are a fixer, please click here.

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